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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Winner of the Gingerbread House Competition is…..

……MY HUBBY with the Gingerbread Salute!


Congratulation Honey! You deserve it. See my husband has had issues with his gingerbread houses the last few years. One year his wall kept collapsing. Last year his roof kept sliding off. It just hasn’t been easy for him. LOL! So I am VERY excited that he won.


My daughter on the other hand says she’ll never do it again! HA! I seriously doubt it. She came in second with the Peppermint Palace. 




And for the first time since the competition started 3 years ago, I didn’t win. But I really didn’t expect to. Mine started to go downhill somewhere between the left wall and the roof. LOL!

I think my boys did a wonderful job and will be some serious competition in the years to come.



Here are some highlights from the night!

We actually had our best friends Mike and Kathy join us.

Mike seriously wanted to have a flat roof so he could land his helicopter on it. I don’t think it worked out. LOL!

IMG_2492  IMG_0942

Kathy was busy at it. She had some icing issues at the beginning that make us all laugh but she quickly got past them and made a beautiful house.



We named my 8 year olds the Endless Endeavor because he still wasn’t finished even after we were all done and cleaning off the table.


We did make quite a mess!


And I do mean ALL of us. Stormie decided it was her job to recycle the cardboard! LOL!



We had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year!

Thanks to all who voted (especially for mine)!

Have a fabulous day my friends!

House pictures coming soon!


  1. Congrats to your husdand! You're fun pictures are inspiring and maybe I'll have to see if my fam is interested in having a competition next year. We had fun builing one...can only imagine that each making our own would be just that much more fun!

  2. Omg!! They are all awesome!! I love Mike wanting a flat roof! That is tooo funny! Such a man isn't it ;)

    So happy to see such joy on your faces!!! Making memories in your new house is sooo special!

    Love you

  3. Congratulations to the winner! What a wonderfully fun mess:-)

  4. Those are AWESOME! Spending some time catching up on blogs this morning and I have to say I can't believe you have recently moved AND had time to make these fun and very creative houses!
    Hope you're enjoying your new home and having fun decorating it for the Christmas season!
    Peace and blessings to your day!

  5. Loved this. I am thinking of doing gingerbread houses next year.

    Bri started 4-H for homeschoolers. The first project they did was break up into teams and put together a gingerbread house in 15 minutes. It was a riot! One even fell over and was dubbed the Ike house. LOL

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  6. Love, love, love this! What a great family project. And honestly, Brad's was a winner. Way to go, Brad!

  7. How exciting!! Congrats to the hubby. So fun that Kathy and Mike joined you guys. Love your happy faces.

    Love and Blessing to you

  8. Congratulations to your hubby! Tell him that I voted for him, LOL! (I have such good taste...)

  9. I love your tradition! All the houses looked amazing! Ours have yet to come close to that caliber...maybe when the girls get a little older! So fun!

  10. What a FUN thing to do!! congrats to your hubby on winning!

  11. congrats to him...Tell your daughter she can't quit...The Peppermint Palace was my first choice but it's hard to say no to the Red, White and Blue...
    Has your mailing address changed? I would like like to send you something...

  12. Um ... looks like you had a BLAST! :)

  13. Congrats to your hubby!!! He did a great job! And your daughter must continue 'cause that sweet peppermint house was my fave (red & white plus peppermint heart - could not resist!)! It all looks like so much fun my friend!! Glad you were still able to do it and even include friends!

    Big I-am-a-very-bad-friend-because-I-did-not-even-vote-for-your-gingerbread-house-this-time-and-now-you're-probably-not-even-speaking-to-me-LOL size hugs to you!! Have a fabulous day my friend!! Love ya! :)

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