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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Tooth, the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth!

Our youngest son lost his first tooth yesterday. It was kind of bitter sweet but the story leading up to it was quite humorous.

His tooth had been very loose for quite some time. The whole family with exception to my 8 year old son, had taken a crack at it with no luck. That was until yesterday.

I go out back to see my hubby in his workshop. I look out into the yard and notice a cardboard box laying flat on the ground. I asked my hubby why it was there and he said it was a mock operating table. Huh? Apparently I had missed the part where my 8 year old had my 5 year old laying on his back trying to get his tooth out.

Obviously  that wasn’t working for them so they took it inside. I heard some commotion over at the dinner table so I asked what was going on. My 8 year old proudly announces that “they” had just taken out the loose tooth.

Here’s the child in question.


Excited I go back outside to tell my hubby.

We don’t do the tooth fairy thing but we do give a little sunthin’ sunthin’ for a tooth . Me? I was like, give him a quarter. My husband? Nah, give em’ a buck. It’s his first tooth. So the discussion went on a little bit back and forth without really coming to a conclusion. I walked back inside to take a picture of the toothless wonder and somehow ended up discussing payment of the tooth with my 8 year old.  He then proceeds to tell me, “Oh, don’t worry about it. I already gave him $2.00.”

I was like, “Huh? I’m sorry what? YOU gave him $2.00? Seriously? Um, thanks honey, but really, that is a one of the small joys that we parents get to do.” (Am I really having this conversation with my 8 year old?  Really?)

The one that lost the tooth? Clueless about the whole money exchange. I could have given him a penny and he would have been happy.


Do you have any weird tooth losing stories?



  1. That is an ADORABLE story.....he looks so cute with his tooth missing! Tell him he can now put a straw in there...one of the big perks!

  2. He looks adorable!! And, wow, $2!!!

    My funny story about missing teeth is from way back in 1998 or 1999. Of course, it has to be from then, since my younger child is now 19. Anyhow, he had two bottom teeth missing at the same time, so his "s" sound was definitely coming out as "th." So, that year for Christmas, he told me he was going to get me a "juither." Even now, every time I see a juicer, I think of my son's cute way of saying that.

    Thanks for your input on my blog photo problem. Just to let you know, while the photos in your blog post are showing up, I have white boxes with a red "x" on most everything on your sidebar. A few of your followers photos show up, but most do not, and every other image (Gooseberry Patch, What's Cooking at My House, They Featured lil Ol' Me, etc) is not there. I don't have a clue what caused this.

    Have a great day.

  3. Love the little tooth-less smile! What a priceless right of passage in childhood. And how precious of your 8 year old. We did the tooth fairy thing and always had fun trying to do it without waking our girls. Our friends had the best tooth fairy ever! Their tooth fairy would give new DVDs. Can you believe that? Wow! Take lots of pictures of that precious boy who seems to be growing up much too quickly!

    PS Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about our trip to Israel. I figure most people are tired of reading about it, but I can't help but journal most of it. Our family doesn't want to forget a single thing about it and I am hoping blogging about it will help us remember all of the details! Hope that you are blessed to go with your family one day too!

  4. Yesterday here at Wendy's...they were skyping their daddy overseas.Well whistle britches who is 5 1/2 with her first loose tooth decided she wanted her daddy to see her loose her tooth..she yanked the ----- out of that little tooth and yepper it came out.How I don't know..it wasn't ready yet...lolShe howled in pain..blood starting running out of her mouth...and she said look daddy I did this for you!!lol
    I thought he was going to be sick with all that blood...lol
    I have told Wendy this one is going to be trouble in her teens!!

    We don't do the tooth thingy either..all tho I did dress up in one of their tutus and used their wand to pretend I was her...quite the laughs around here.

    Kids...gotta love them!!

    Hugs Cindy

  5. Good golly! That boy cracks me up! He already took care of it, lolol..and 2 bucks! LOLOL...
    Little man looks so cute all toofyless. :)

  6. That is so funny!. My favorite part has to be the "operating table." LOL! Lisa~

  7. Years and years ago we were out eating at a seafood restaurant. My son, who didn't like seafood, was eating a piece of chicken. We noticed a little red spot on the chicken. Then we noticed his tooth was missing. We searched, but never did find it. We think he swallowed or "ate" it with his chicken. I was just thinking about it the other day. It had to be about 35 years ago.

  8. All right. Little teeth are dominating my day, too! This is too weird. My little guy has a molar coming in and it's got him all out of sorts. I gave him some baby Oragel. (Nothing I type makes spell check happy. But You know what I mean, don't you?) Then I gave him some Advil. Then some Spaghetti O's. Finally, he tells me that it is feeling a little better. But that he's "still wounded" Lol!

    I'm so glad I caught up with you today. I feel like I have twin down there that knows exactly what I'm going through! Hee-hee!

  9. ROFL!! Who said the only thing exciting happening in Florida is DISNEY!!!???

  10. Oh, that is so precious! But I must add that my DD, since she was about 7, was leaving her own coins under her older brother's pillow for every tooth he lost, including one this week.

  11. Congratulations Brody on your first tooth. Nana printed out your picture to add to the collection on the fridge. Good Job. We love you.

  12. Okay, I can't help but share the story of when my youngest son lost his first tooth. His older brother had been loosing teeth for years and he finally got sick of it and did everything in his power to lose a tooth. After months of telling me he had a loose tooth (I didn't believe him, when I checked early on it really wasn't)we were in the van one day and his older brother poked him in the mouth (literally, he just reached up, stuck his finger out and jabbed his brother as hard as he could in the tooth... I still don't understand why...) and out popped the tooth that I didn't believe was loose. We had a nice long conversation about keeping our hands out of other peoples mouths after that...

  13. OMG what a cutie! Such creativity ..... LOVE the operating table!!! Good thing it was only a tooth LOL

    Can u sign me up for FF ?? I am too tired to stay up til it posts tonite :) LOL Thank you kindly! It will be up @5:20 am.

    Love you and Happy Early Friday!

  14. So so cute!!! I remember when my kiddo lost his first tooth! We don't do tooth fairy either but told him about getting money for his tooth. He wanted to put it under his pillow overnight and have us take it and put money under even though he knew it was us. So we put $1 under the pillow. In the morning he informed us that we were "wrong" and that we were supposed to give him quarters! He said 1 or 2 quarters would be right and traded us - LOL!!

    Big sweet-toothless-grin hugs to you!! :)


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