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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Gardening Love!

My hubby and I are so excited about how well our garden is doing. About a month or so ago he tilled up another area that I’m calling Phase 2. There he planted watermelon, cantaloupe, butternut squash, zucchini, and summer squash.

Here are some pictures of that.




Here’s what’s still growing in Phase 1


IMG_1900 IMG_1899



We are still harvesting onions but the green beans and cucumbers are done. The remainder of the carrots were picked a couple of days ago.

You can see my past garden posts here.

Oh I almost forgot to mention. We were just messing around with growing potatoes and we actually harvested some the other day. And there’s more still to come. So exciting.


This really has been such a blessing. We couldn’t grow anything when we lived on the beach. Moving out here has been so much fun. We call this our trial garden because we are trying to see what does well and what doesn’t but so far everything with the exception to some corn, has done very well. Yay!!! And I don’t think my kids have ever eaten so much salad in their life. BONUS!

I’ll be keeping you posted.

Have a fabulous day my friends!!


  1. Your garden looks amazing!!!!! Nothing taste better than your own fresh veggies from a garden you worked hard on....

  2. Awesome veggies. I just love gardening. Wish I had a heap more time to do it, but we have a fairly large garden anyway. Mr. D does most the weeding along with the hens who keep down the bugs, slugs, and grubs. We have to chase them out when the plants are little, but after a while they are allowed back in for cleanup chores.

    About the only thing growing at this time is rhubarb and strawberries and asparagus. Our planting day for everything else in Memorial Day. You're way ahead of us here in the Northeast.

    Love the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm so excited for you about your garden - it's fabulous!! We still don't have anything planted and just wanted to plant a little, but hubs still needs to build a raised bed and he just hasn't had time.

    Big if-you-keep-eating-that-much-produce-you're-all-gonna-turn-into-rabbits size hugs to you! Love ya! Have a wonderful day my friend! :)

  4. You make me want a garden! Or wish that you lived close enough to share with me. :)

  5. Your garden is awesome, and your tomatoes and potatoes. I am growing potatoes for the first time this year.

  6. Beautiful!! I can't believe parts of your garden are DONE already!! You clearly live much further south than I do ~ we normally only put our garden IN right about now!

    It'll be a little later yet this year because of all the moisture that's still left from excess snow over winter, and all the snow and rain we had earlier this month, so I'm not sure our growing season will even be long enough this year for some things we usually sow/plant!

  7. I love your garden posts! It is so inspiring. All the green stuff - and the cute little zucchinis. Love it - you have a wonderful day my friend.

  8. WOW KIM!!! Your Garden is UH MA ZING!! if this is your trial I cannot even imagine how a real one will be!! I am NOT JEALOUS I AM NOT JEALOUS I AM NOT JEALOUS ;)
    Do you think if I say enough times it would be true?? LOL

    What a wonderful thing for your family to do together! So cool!

    Love you!

  9. Ok, Mrs. Green thumbs... now I have to go drive 1.5 hours to Amish land to get my fresh from the garden veggie fix!!
    Thanks a lot!! (;

  10. Love the garden pictures. Gardening is so much fun especially when it is time to harvest. Mine just has dirt in the beds...it's busy being the mom of a senior in high school. I'm still hoping to get my tomatoes in the beds soon...there is nothing like a home-grown tomatoe!

  11. It's looking great!! So glad you are able to reap the blessings of your garden!!!
    Enjoy the harvest


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