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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Only Way I Can Be Fashionable!

I was able to do a little thrifting yesterday with my BFF Kathy and fellow blogger Nan. Let’s just say that there were LOTS of laughs and one of us even undressed in the middle of the store. Oh you need to hear more about that?  You see this particular thrift store had just opened and hadn’t put in a dressing room yet, so the lady locked the front door while one of us undressed behind a rack of clothing. (Can you guess who?) Then we proceeded to try things on over our clothes, model high heel shoes while cat walking across the floor etc. etc. etc.

I did manage to find some really cute things. I told my hubby that the only way I can afford to look cute is if I find it at a thrift store. LOL!

Here’s a little bit of what I found yesterday.


The two skirts on the left I found yesterday. I found the skirt on the right a month or so ago at a different thrift store. I thought they were cute.

This top is soooo me.


And this one is not me but I’m trying to branch out in the girlie department a bit. I’m such a tank top and shorts type of gal.  I tried this on with my jeans and it’s very cute.



Saturday morning my hubby and I were able to sneak away and actually go to a few garage sales. We hadn’t gone to any since we moved over here and I was amping to go.

Here some of the finds from that day.


You see the two broach like things underneath the snowmen? I’m going to turn those into magnets to put on my fridge. They just looked so vintagey. I’ll show you when I do it.

All in all I might have spent about $25.00 for everything pictured here today. The bad thing is that it ruins me for retail shopping. I just can’t seem to pay full price for anything any more. LOL!

If you need me I’ll be price bargaining with the Wal-Mart manager. Ha! Ha!



  1. What snappy clothes you found, Kim ... & look at those treasures. Lucky you!
    Have a great day ~
    TTFN ~

  2. LOVe the skirts...great finds. Have you watched the Extreme Couponing show? It makes me feel guilty every time I check out without a coupon. Oiy!

  3. Cute, cute clothes. I was just thinking that I need to hit the thrift stores. Your purchases have cemented that idea. :)

  4. I LOVE the skirts...all of them, but especially the floral one on the right.

    I have found some incredible dresses and skirts at thrift stores, some of which you will be seeing soon!!


  5. Those skirts are SO cute! And the top is beautiful, too. I love thrifting and garage sale-ing, but I live in a rural area where there isn't a whole lot to be found. Well, there's lots of garage sales, but it seems they tend to either be over-priced or just plain JUNK. I miss the city we used to live in for that in a BIG way!!

  6. sooo cute! LOVE those skirts and that shirt!! AWESOMENESS :)

    You crack me up...already buying your Christmas stuff lololol

    Our neighborhood had the annual garage sale on the day after graduation and because we worked grad bash ALL NIGHT LONG I was unable to have my own or visit any of them....CAN YOU SAY BUMMED ME OUT!??!?!?!

    can only imagine all the good stuff I miised **SIGH**

    Would have LOVEd to go with you girls...what a hoot that would have been!

  7. I'm glad you guys got to see Nan! I bet you had a great time! Love the clothes you found - very cute - and I think you'll look good "girlie"! :)

    Big glad-to-see-you-found-some-Christmas-items-'cause-you-really-don't-have-enough-LOL size hugs to you!! Have a super fabulous day my friend! Love you! :)

  8. You guys are SO fun! And thrifty!!!

  9. You have some very nice finds! I especially am intrigued with the book in the middle. Looks like something I would love to page through. :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. Only you would get the "Royal" treatment at a thrift store! (;


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