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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18 Years Ago Today!

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for us. I watched her fail and I watched her hurt. I watched her triumph and watched her grow.

She is such a blessing to our family. She has hopes and dreams just like every other that has gone before her. She loves the Lord and seeks after His will, no matter how hard sometimes.

She has a smile that lights up the room.

Okay, I better stop or I’m going to cry!

Here are some pictures of the party we had for her Sunday! It was such a fun filled day.

Here is the birthday girl and her amazing cake, made by my BFF!

IMG_2840 IMG_2836



Party Decor!

IMG_2809 IMG_2812

Opening Presents



Make a wish! Quick!


Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter! We love you SO much!

Love  Mom, Dad and your bros.


  1. What a lovely tribute post, Kim. Daughters, indeed, are a blessing...and isn't it awesome when we have close relationships with them?!

    Happy birthday, Kelsey! I hope your birthday is filled to overflowing with love and that it is the beginning of a fantastic year.


  2. Please give that beautiful young woman a BIG Birthday hug from PK and Cheryl!!! What a blessing she is.

  3. Wow! You did an amazing job on the girl and the party! :)

    Your daughter is lovely and I'm so thankful the Lord blessed you with her in your life. You have much reason to celebrate.

  4. What a GREAT party!!! Your such an awesome Mom. And a Happy Belated birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  5. What a beautiful post to go with your beautiful daughter! Happy birthday to her!

    How can you POSSIBLY be old enough to have a daughter that age?? You and I will stay forever young. Our boys will see to that!

    Have a great day!

  6. Well Happy 18th Birthday :) What a beautiful post Kim!

    She looks so much like her momma ♥ No doubt she has a heart like you too....

  7. So lovely!! And it looks like it was so much fun! I LOVE how the cake turned out!!

    Big Happy-18th-Birthday-to-Kelsey size hugs to you!! Love ya!


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