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Monday, September 19, 2011

Fun Busy Stuff!


You know I find myself asking for more hours in a day but I wouldn’t have the energy to do anything with them, so I quit asking for them.

I have been a busy little beaver this last week and a half. I’m getting ready for my daughter’s 18th birthday and Pinterest has got me hoppin’ and wanting to make all sorts of things. I keep pinning more and more crafts and gift ideas to make.

Right now I have my eyes on making this cute little dish soap apron. They are so cute!

Source: hostessblog.com via Kim on Pinterest


I’m thinking about making this for my boys for Christmas and use bean bags to play with.


And then there’s these.

Source: flickr.com via Kim on Pinterest


And most of you know I still have TONS of denim jeans I don’t know what to do with, so I thought this was a cute idea.


Oh and don’t even get me started on spray painting. It’s my new found passion and I’ll post some pictures of some things I’ve been painting, real soon.

So as you can see I have plenty of ideas but not enough time nor energy to do them all. We’ll see what I get done before Christmas.

What’s on your list of things you want to do but probably won’t get around to doing?



  1. I recently discovered Pinterest. :) I didn't think I was crafty or even wanted to be crafty, but I've found some cute things that I want to make. Keep the ideas and pictures coming, Kim!

  2. Such great ideas! I love the dish soap aprons. These are much cuter than the simple ones from years ago!
    I have tons of blue jeans from my kids up in the attic I wanted to make a quilt with. Now I know what to use the pockets for!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love Pinterest my friend!! I have found crafts that I might actually do one of these days!

    Those soap aprons are too cute - they would be great gifts for people too! And I could see you making that denim thing, but adding some red rick-rack perhaps. :)

    Big so-many-crafts-so-little-time size hugs to you! Love you friend! Have a fabulous day!

    I'll have you know that I took so long answering blog comments and catching up on a tiny bit of blog-reading and commenting (hello - I was so behind here!) that I have run out of time to write the blog post I wanted to do. It's almost midnight and I am tired. Hopefully I'll find a few minutes tomorrow to do it! So that's if you're wondering why I haven't posted! :)

  4. All of those crafts are adorable! And yes, spray painting is totally the way to go...even though it always leaves my index finger the same color as whatever I'm spray painting. Have you ever looked for yourself on Pinterest? I saw people coming to my blog from Pinterest so I checked and sure enough someone linked my prayer journal. I had no idea. Blessings to you!

  5. All right. I'm checking out Pinterest. You've twisted my arm. :) What do I have to do, now?

  6. Those ideas are adorable, I absolutely love the apron on the dish soap bottle!

  7. Ahh. Pinterst.. how I love thee.. LOL.
    Isn't it great to be able to glean off of others gift of craftiness.

    Looks like you have some fun things to make :-)

  8. Cooleo! Oh how I love my creative, domestic friends!!!

  9. I have a sunflower-themed kitchen, and one of my items is a really cute dish soap apron. I love it.

    I have never even heard of Pinterest. Is it sort of like Etsy? With little shops? I suppose I could hit your link and find out.

    I'm not an extremely crafty person, so I just look in awe at gals like you. The extent of my craftiness is scrapbooking, which I love. But anything that requires a sewing machine, and I'm running the other way.

    Have a great day. Sending hugs to you.



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