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--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, September 16, 2011

That’s It, I’m Starting My Blog Over!

And this time I’m coming back as a teenage girl. LOL! Someone please tell me when my daughter's blog got so popular? She’s only been blogging shy of one year and already has over 200 followers. I’ve been blogging almost 5 years and have just double that. At the rate she’s going she’ll have 1000 followers by the time she hits 5 years.

Actually I’m very proud of her. If she can write about MY banana bread recipe and actually get someone to comment let alone 5 people, she’s doing something right. Ha! Ha! She already has 189 people entering her pinkalicious giveaway and is turning into quite the blog designer. I see photography and design in her future. 

And to top it all off she’s going to be 18 in less than two weeks. *sigh* When did she grow up? I’m so very proud of her and pray she uses her powers for good and not evil. Serious, warm fuzzy, moment gone. Ha! Ha! Hey it only lasts so long you know.


Keep up the good work my daughter! I love you!


P.S. As you can see there was no Friday Funnies this week. I’ve decided to do it every other week due to lack of interest. (Maybe I should have my daughter take it over!) LOL!



  1. awwwww, thank you Muffin! :)
    People love your blog too, and you know it.
    I love you mom! :)
    big hugs,xxxx~Kels

  2. Kim, your daughter is adorable. I think it's great that she's blogging too and so talented! I'm sure you have a lot to do with that! My daughter's blog is also doing well and helping people. I couldn't be more proud as well. Let me be lesser and her greater!

    Love you,

  3. But I look forward to the Friday Funnies....and so do many others I bet. I just don't always comment, that's all...but I promise I read them when I can. Hugs

    ungsati = An person who weeps because Friday Funnies is every other week. Actually, it's my "word verification of the day" to post this comment lol! Gotta love word verification! At least I can read this one.

  4. Don't feel bad. I've been blogging almost as long as you and just got my hundredth (and 101st) follower last week! I decided a long time ago that comments and followers weren't why I STARTED blogging, so they wouldn't be the reason I quit or continued either.

  5. Your daughter is too cute! I just popped over to her blog to look at her giveaway. 192 comments so far - what??? How does she does that? lol I love your blog! First of all, you are a little closer to my age than your dear daughter. ;) And you are so funny. You seem so full of life and love. Keep writing and I will keep reading. Many blessings!

  6. Talent runs in the family, friend! It's a joy to watch the two of you. :)

  7. aww, I love your blog. It is always the first one I read.

    where is the friday funnies??

    In HIS Keeping,

  8. Hi Kim,

    That's one "pinkalicious" guitar! Your daughter is a doll. No double she has media, marketing, or design in her future.

    Missing Friday Funnies! I intended to link up today, so if anyone wants a laugh, come visit:


    Have a wonderful weekend,

    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  9. Her blog sure has taken off! Good for her! LOL, I wish I could get 200 followers! But then I am not as cheerful and cute as her - hahaha!!!!

  10. Way to go Kels! That is awesome...and we all know where you get it ;)

    ahem ~ according to these comments it sounds like FF was really missed today! LOL

    We want FF
    We want FF
    We want FF

  11. Kids are just so much more plugged in than we are.

  12. Your daughter is adorable and so is her blog AND her cute pink giveaway!! Seriously though - like Mother, like Daughter my friend!! Shame on you for not warning people that there wouldn't be funnies - was all ready to laugh - LOL!

    Big I-was-gonna-say-how-do-you-compete-with-a-pink-guitar-but-then-I-remembered-that-you-made-your-own-album-cover-so-you-rock size hugs to you!!! Love ya!! :)

  13. That's so fantabulous. I love your daughter. I'll have to go follow with all my accounts, haha. ;) Also, I will send my Annie her way too, she has a blog of her own under a pen name. :D


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