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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blogging VS. Facebook

Social media today is still on the rise. More blogs and Facebook accounts start every day. And now there’s Google+. But where are the people? I know that sounds kind of silly, but where are they? If it’s called social media, shouldn’t people be social? 

I have found that over the past 5 years of blogging that numbers are up but interaction is WAY down.  People are just out to get their information and move on to the next thing. I know I’m guilty of doing that sometimes too.

There have been a few times in the past 5 years that I just wanted to walk away from blogging. It was recently that I wanted to completely delete my FB account. But I didn’t. Why? Because of you. I like “talking” to you. I’m a social butterfly and this is my garden. So within reason, it’s an outlet for me.

Two months ago I started a Homesteader’s Heart FB page. It kind of took the place of my personal FB page but it’s geared more toward homey stuff. I did this so I could interact more with women like me and I’ve already met some great new friends.

Below I have compiled what I believe to be the pros and cons of each network.

Facebook Pros

Blogging Pros
1. Easier interaction. You throw up a status that’s on your knoggin’ and people respond and you can have a conversation on and off all day. 1. You can go into more detail about what ever it is you are talking about. In my case that would be things like “baking soda’. LOL!  People expect it.
2. Quicker- I don’t have to put to much effort into posting a quick picture or thought for the day as people don’t expect a whole lot. 2. Sometimes companies will contact you to promote their stuff for free. Free stuff is good if it’s what you’d promote any way.
3. More personal- You actually get to see what goes on in my world on a daily basis. And the more you visit the more I see who you are. 3.  Not everyone has a FB account so those people are the ones that will be seeking out blogs to read.
4. I’ve met a whole new world of people on FB that have “pages” just like me. I didn’t realize that all existed until I created my Homesteader’s Heart Page.  
Facebook Cons Blogging Cons
1. Because my account is now a “page” for my blog, I can’t friend people that I meet on there. I have to depend on them stopping by to say “Hi” to interact. 1. Those that used to blog, now don’t. People give up quicker.
2. Not everyone has a FB account. 2. It takes longer to read blogs and therefore most people don’t take the time to leave comments or interact.


Well those are my thoughts on the subject. Please feel free to add your own pros and cons in the comments. I’d love to know what you think about these two social medias.

Oh and I don’t know if you are interested or not, but I’m having a giveaway for some great Digital Scrapbooking Software. I’m thinking it must not be a popular thing as only 4 people have entered since yesterday. LOL! But I thought I’d throw it out there just in case you missed it.



  1. I've noticed a distinct drop in comments, too, over the last two years. I never had TONS, but double-digits were commenting on virtually every post. Now? I almost never break into the double-digits at all. I never really considered that it might be because FB is wrecking our ability and killing our desire to concentrate and actually READ!! I know that's the reason a lot of people don't blog anymore that used to 4-5 years ago when I started blogging, but I never thought about the other aspect.

    Actually, I've read several articles over the years that talk about how the Internet, in general, is reshaping the way we think and process things. Essentially, it's training us to concentrate for shorter and shorter periods of time.

  2. (which is actually a little scary, if you think about it... for long enough!! ;)

  3. Kim, I've noticed the same thing. It is discouraging! I think FB has actually ruined blogging!! It gives you instant feedback, instead of blogging and hoping someone will stop by that day. Alot of my blogging friends don't even write anymore:(

    Well, I'm not giving up.....I have too much to say!

    See ya either here or there or both:)


  4. I've missed you this past week, my sweet friend. My fruit harvest has kept me very busy...just haven't had the time for social media.

    I use both FB and a blog, and far and away, I prefer blogging. I think it is much more personal. Since you can't write much on FB, I find posts to be very surfacey, and often people will just hit the "like" button instead of commenting. Just hitting "like" isn't really entering into a conversation or sharing your thoughts.

    I think blog comments are ESSENTIAL. (I hate when people read and don't comment, as they're not even responding to what you've said...you might as well be talking to yourself.)

    I also feel FB is somewhat like high school, as everyone tries to be the most popular and have the most "friends." It seems to be about accumulating friends, but then does the person even "interact" with his FB friends? Does he comment on their posts? Does he/she post himself?

    I've been on FB about 2 years, and I have 78 friends...that's it. But I have a friend who just came on about 2 months ago, and he's got 221 friends!! But he doesn't comment on posts (at least mine or the 20+ friends we have in common). So, why does he (and everyone else) want all those friends? If you dont' want to interact with people, then what's the point? Is it just to look popular?

    It's the same way, though, in the blog world. It's all about "getting our numbers up." People do a giveaway, and you have to be a follower, or promote it on your page, etc. What's the point of having 200, 300, or 500 followers, if that only translates into 7 regular readers, people who you actually have a relationship with. There's no point, really...I guess it just feeds our desire to "look popular."

    Anyhow, this is a long comment...sorry. (See why I prefer blogging to FB...you actually get to share your thoughts instead of just hitting the "like" button.)

    Have a great day.

    Love ya,

  5. I'm loving your thoughts ladies. Keep em' coming!!

  6. I am very disenchanted with FB right now. In fact, I am seriously thinking o deleting my account. Your post was a great thinking tool.

    BTW-Found you through CHK blog. Hope you come and visit me :)

  7. Hey girlfriend.
    Thanks for commenting yesterday.
    I take little breather's from blogging. It helps keep me focus.

    I have always said I rather have a few great friend followers than the masses.

    Sometimes on Sunday afternoons...I ask God to show me whom I need to send a little private email to.These friends have usually not been on in a while. It always amazes me what a little note of hello and encouragement does...wow the things that go on that we have really no idea about...because even in blogging...people keep it guarded...yet they need to talk to someone.
    Even I don't put all the money nitty gritty on my blog. To many relatives who read it...and would voice their opinion negatively. Don't need that!!!...lol

    I am glad you still blog...I do try to read even tho it is crazy right now. And I do call you my FRIEND!!!!!!

    Hugs and squeezes..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  8. By no means do I expect every person to comment or read every post but if you did read the post and enjoyed it that's what I'm talking about. I don't have time to read everybody's posts either but when I do I try to comment even if it's short and sweet to let then know I was there.
    When did it get so hard? LOL!

    I'm lovin' your thoughts! Keep em' coming!

  9. I agree that Facebook is much "easier", for the same reasons you listed. I love being able to interact with people - something I can't really do on my blog. But I also love being able to share my heart through my blog.
    I can't read every blog I follow everyday, but if I do read, I also try to comment. I love all the new people I have "met" through blogging and facebook. It makes the world a little smaller. :)

  10. All I can say is, I am thankful for both. I love you girlie and I'm so thankful to get to know you in both places.

  11. I love my blog and intend to keep it up. I have heard of problems with Facebook (viruses) and there are folks that just end up spending their whole lives on Facebook pages. So I don't intend to sign up there. I've got enough on my plate. It's been great to "meet" folks through blogging who I would have never gotten to know any other way!

  12. I do not have a blog but receive several blogs in my email and I love them. I think part of the reason I don't comment much is because the full blog post shows up in my email so there is no need to go to the blog website. (On the flip side there are blogs that just send a link to their post on their website and I don't like them and end up unsubscribing from them.)

    One idea - when I go to post a comment on your blog it wants me to enter a google account. I don't have a google account so at that point I just stop and delete my comment. It also stops me from entering contests because I don't want to set up a google account and I don't want to post my email address for the whole world to see. Does that make sense? Not trying to be critical. Just thought it might give you an idea to look at.

    I love your blog! Keep posting - I look forward to it in my email!

    Mary Beth

  13. I've had to cut back on both for my own sanity and so that I can spend life with the people right in front of me, but I have become very disenchanted with Facebook. Yet I can't leave...good friends on there, my kids, my kids' friends, etc.

    My issue with blogging has been that when I first started there was about 12 to 15 people I kind of "hung out" with in blog land. As you get to know more and more people, it gets harder and harder to read through all the blogs. Also, because I am a writer, when I read too many other things, it clogs my creativity and muddies up my own thoughts. I actually begin to wonder if there is any original thought, haha. ;)

    But over the past few months, I've trimmed back my fb friend list, started my blog all over, just kept things small and simpler...could care less how many comments or followers or anything else I get. God knew I needed to do that because I'm a performer and I like applause. ;) Now it's just me writing to Him or my thoughts, and if someone else reads them or is uplifted by them, that's so cool! But I've never really been a blogger, so I can imagine how discouraging it must be when the social aspect of it is diminished. Just so much content out there.

    Your blog is set apart, though, Kim. Always one of the first places I go when I have time to read! ;D

    One other thing about Facebook (my, I'm chatty today!). I get tired of the complaining and arguing I see a lot of the time. I try really hard to focus on all the good stuff people put out there!

  14. Great post..
    Looks like you got people talking.

    I'm not sure where I'm at with either one. I use FB but sometimes I feel like it's a very weird big brother type thing. I could go on and on.. but in the end.. I just watch what I put out there.

    Have a great day!!

  15. Social media is a great way for stay at home moms to interact with the world. That being said, I recently thought about deleting my Facebook account. I couldn't do it either, but I did cut my usage down (as I did with all of my computer time). I think social media is great, but can also be a curse. Sucking time that isn't there. Whether your blogging or using Facebook, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the time. And of course, it's always nice to let people know that you have been there with a nice comment or hitting the 'like' button. ;)

  16. You covered them both well my friend! And the comments are awesome! For me, I feel like comparing blogging and Facebook is like comparing apples and oranges. Facebook is my connection mainly to people I actually know in real life (80% of my friends there anyway, the rest are bloggers that I feel like I "know" even though I've never met them). It's also the only way that I can connect with several family members in different states so I love that and will never delete it. But I very rarely have time to get on it these days.

    For me, blogging is more about writing than the social aspect. (But of course, I'm sort of an introvert.) That's the main reason I wanted to start - to write and create something. I do love the friends I've made and knowing that my words make a difference to somebody (ANYbody?) once in a while! :) I consider it my hobby and a way to practice writing. I LOVE comments, but even if I only had 1 a day, I would still write because I know that there are people reading whether or not they comment.

    I do still hop on Twitter because it's so fast and I keep in touch with some dear blogging friends (and some real-life friends!)there.

    I did hear John Tesh say today that apparently Twitter and texting are bad for your memory and Facebook is better!

    Big you're-getting-too-deep-for-my-brain-to-handle-at-this-time-of-night size hugs to you! You have to keep on blogging my friend and stay on FB too in my opinion! :) Love you my friend - hope you're having a super week!

  17. I drop in on your blog from time to time. Not sure I ever commented. I guess I feel my blog isn't very good so sort of embarrassed to comment...?? insecure, I know. And I'm 50!haha. I had fb when it first opened to non-"edu" accounts. It actually did help me grow my business (real estate) but I deleted the account over a year ago. It became creepy to me, almost voyeuristic, as I learned all these real life friends of mine were looking at photos, reading, but never interacting or posting any comments. I wanted fb for communication & they weren't communicating!

  18. I like fb because, as you said, you can interact but it doesn't take much time. I especially love seeing what my son is up to at college.

    I have noticed comments are way down too. I am not commenting as much as i used to either.

    Recently I came across a blog where the writer was writing real helpful stuff for people. She had tons of readers but I was shocked that she pretty much only had one comment per blog post.

    I was surprised because it's a real helpful blog and you think more people would respond. But I guess people aren't interested in building a rapport or relationship, just getting what they need and moving on.

  19. Lest you are wondering, I don't think I left a comment either (I can't remember). Sometimes, given a choice to read blogs or comment, I will read a few more blogs!

  20. I just think both are two different realms. They both have their place and both fit into peoples lives differently according to each individuals needs/wants. These needs/wants could change from each season in their life so they too may change their way of "socializing".
    For me: I had the time to blog more regularly, details, sitting down to read. NOW? Im lucky if I can get sleep. LOL So I like the immediate updates and fast answers to my "burning" mommy questions, FB gets me. But, I also sit down when I can to stay plugged into my friends and family blogs as well as staying "educated" (?) if you will.
    BOth have their place. There will always be haters and lovers. In either case, glad you didn't delete because I do check in, albeit in a ghostly manner. Just because comments aren't left, dont be discouraged its not read. ;) xoxo


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