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--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have a problem and I don’t think I’m alone.


You see, I can’t drive or walk past a window to a home without trying my hardest to see inside. No I don’t go up to the window or anything like that (I mean, I’m not crazy), but if the blinds are pulled back and the lights are on, I want to see what’s going on inside. (This usually works best at night.) I even do that to my own house and I KNOW what’s going on inside.

People fascinate me. Everyone’s lives are so different and sometimes peering peeking through a window will give you a glimpse of their life. If someone is watching TV I will try to see what they’re watching (even though I have no clue what’s on TV these days), this is most easily done while walking. I love seeing families sit down to dinner together. At Christmas time I love seeing the lit trees in the window (even though they are blocking my view of the inside). 

But watch out! I also love looking OUT my window, so if you’re like me and you walk past my window I might be looking right back at you, which in turn gets awkward and you start wondering if you should wave, or act like you don’t “see” the person, or run behind the curtain.

Come on you know you do it too. Don’t you?


  1. We're totally bosom buddies, I love looking through the windows. My hubby calls me a snoop, with love, of course, but I figger if they leave the curtains open it's because they WANT me to look in when I drive by.

  2. Oh absolutely...I always do both of these things.. You certainly are not alone! And yes ...I love to do this...smile...


  3. I have always done this! In fact, I remember years ago, my husband laughing at me and teasing me because I always look as we're driving down the road.
    I'm just interested in how other people live.

    In fact, I may have to elaborate about this a little on my own blog and if I do, I will point everyone right back to this post!

  4. If someone's blinds are open, I like to glimpse inside as I drive by. I'm more interested in decor than the people, though! lol

    I have my own personal privacy issues, though....at night, my shades have to be closed! Knowing people can see me (but I can't see them) gives me the heebie-jeebies. I guess I've watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds! lol

  5. If you go peeking in mine, I'll probably be wearing a robe, LOL!

  6. Of course, lol! When I was little my dad used to drive us around at Christmas time to look at the lights. I used to love to look inside the windows and see the trees and the people.

    When my family and I moved in to this house, the neighbors told us that our house was known as "the fish bowl house" in the neighborhood. Because it had so many windows that you could walk by or drive by and peer in, lol!

  7. lolzz you bet I do! When we're driving through at night my brothers and I always see who can spot the most TVs on in the houses we pass :D

  8. Ah - so you're one of *those* people! :) I do look in a bit, but not a lot because I don't want anybody to see me looking into their homes! And I don't like it too much if I see people looking in here. But I do watch the neighborhood - I'm always checking out noises etc and keeping up with what's happening as much as possible!

    Big don't-look-in-my-window-til-I'm-finished-decorating-and-straightening-up size hugs to you! Love ya friend! :)

  9. I am so with you on this! Whenever I take walks in any neighborhood, I love to peek from the road of course. I'm interested in seeing how others fix their homes up or who lives there or ...well you know.

    Btw, I wrote a post on Sunday about an eBook written by Melissa Michaels of The Inspired Room blog. She is the one who really got me inspired to peek in on homes from the street. She used to have a weekly blog post on this very topic. :)

    Blessings and love,


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