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Monday, February 13, 2012

Weight Loss and Holidays!

Those two things usually don’t go together do they? If you’ve been on my blog for the last 5 months you know that in late September I removed 98.76% of added sugar from my diet. So far I’ve lost 13lbs. I have 7 more to go.

Let’s face it, most of us know that sugar is the main culprit in our struggle to lose weight. If you didn’t already know the reasons why you should try to eliminate it from your diet, here’s a list I found that is VERY informational. Don’t hate the messenger! LOL!

146 Reasons Why Sugar is Bad for You

Here’s what’s been working for me. Stick with me, It may be long but hopefully it’ll be worth your while to read it.

I workout about 5-6 times a week. I know that sounds insane to some of you but you start to feel so good doing it, you don’t want to skip. Each workout ranges from 25-35 minutes on average. See? Totally doable.


Currently I am doing the 9 week challenge with the Wii Active 2. People, let me tell you something right now. It is the BEST $18.00 ever spent. I haven’t been this toned in YEARS.


The key for me has been to set a certain time each morning and do it. That’s usually around 7:30 am. Then it’s done for the day and I have that boost that keeps me going all day.

I don’t count calories and I don’t measure things. Doing that kind of thing stops me in my tracks. I don’t like hard. I probably don’t need to tell you how to eat healthy. Deep down we all really know what’s good for us and what isn’t. But here’s a couple of healthy snacks I like to chow on when I need a little something between meals.


Sliced Veggies and Homemade Hummus

A piece of fruit

I’ve also started implementing a lot more vegetarian meals in place of animal protein and I can feel a difference in doing that as well. But just take one thing at a time. I didn’t do everything at once either.

So what do you do about the holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s etc? It’s hard isn’t it? Everyone else is eating cake and pie and cheesecake and you feel deprived right? Well there are some “healthier” alternatives.

First of all if I “need” to make something I’ve started replacing sugar with Coconut Crystals.

 Here’s some great info on the benefits of using this.


Honey is another great alternative.

Here are a couple of yummy looking desserts that I might end up trying for Valentine’s Day.

Coconut Flour Orange Cake

I’m thinking about doing these as cupcakes with pretty cupcake liners.


These next little bites are really good the way they are but for Valentine’s I’m thinking about rolling them in cocoa or coconut and putting them in mini cupcake wrappers.

German Chocolate Fudge Bites


There are ways to satisfy that sweet tooth without giving it all that processed sugar.

Let’s break it down here. Basically you need to do 3 things and I guarantee you’ll start seeing results. First, tell people what you’re doing so they know. You need a support group. Sometimes I think it’s harder for other people to accept your changes then it is for you. Second, start working out at least 3-4 x a week for about 30 minutes. And thirdly, cut out sugar. Just starting out with those two simple changes will change your life.

Well I hope you’ve gone away with something you can benefit from. I want you to feel as good as I do right now. It’s been life changing for me. I thank the Lord all the time for the strength to do what I’m doing.

You can do this!



  1. Congrats! & good for you.
    Happy Valentine's
    TTFN ~

  2. Congratulations to you, Ms Skinny Minny! I'm on the WW bandwagon and I hope I can report huge losses in a few months! Keep up the good work; and thanks for the link to those awesome little choco ball thingies!

  3. That is awesome! Keep up the great work!!

  4. Those German chocolate bites look really yummy!!! I wish I could eat one right now. I've pretty much given up all sugar, too...and gluten :) :) I feel GREAT. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Way to go on the weight loss and fitness achievements! I admire your determination and appreciate the tips!

    Sugar hasn't been my downfall because we don't eat many sweets. Portion sizes are my biggest issue. It's simply been too much volume. And exercise is difficult with chronic pain issues, particularly when it hurts to walk. But I do what I can in that department, LOL.

  6. I was using my wii Active 2, then I tweaked my knee doing something completely ordinary (read: did not do something strenuous or stupid) and it's been three weeks and I'm just starting to feel like it might take the pressure of the work out.

    Don't you just love that "game"?

  7. That's AWESOME! You are my hero! My friend and I have been on a similar journey. We hit curves several mornings a week and workout with the funniest bunch of ladies you could ever meet! It helps to do it with someone. And NOT do it where your kids can laugh at you! Lol!

    Have a great day!

  8. Rejoicing with you, Kim! Last time I saw you I had already seen such a difference, can't wait to see you again w/ even more results! This post comes at a good time, as my workouts have been a mental struggle. God is faithful and just need to keep leaning on Him and letting Him strengthen my resolve. Thanks, sister! BTW, I've had no sugar at all (well, maybe a little in my coffee creamer) and haven't missed it, but I do miss french fries. VERY much. Hopefully one day I won't.

  9. Such smart changes you've made. Likewise we have gone to a mostly plant-based diet augmented by Ezekiel 4:9 bread and with very little dairy and animal protein added. I love it. My husband bought me a twin-gear juicer and I enjoy carrot/green apple/lemon drinks every day, as well as a "mean green" drink. I take four brisk 20-minute walks per day and use a pedometer so I know when I've gotten to 10,000 steps. That has really helped me a lot. Best of all, stopping sugar and processed foods makes me feel lighter physically and sharper mentally. By the way have you heard of Xylitol as a sugar substitute? It is sugar's mirror image and is very healthy, especially for your teeth. You can bake with it and use it in the same ways you used to use sugar. I wish you every success!

  10. Love it! I am so proud of you. I wondered if you did sugar alternatives because I make a lot of things from Heavenly Homemakers site (like her butterscotch bars) when I need a little sweetening. I find I don't miss it once you are off of it for a while and I absolutely cannot stand cookies from the store and such. I like that you don't measure or count calories I learned that would never work for me. I need to cut down on my portions though because that is what gets me. Thanks for sharing your great tips!

  11. You ROCK my friend!! You're doing great - keep up the fabulous work! Glad it's all going so well! We're still doing low-carb tho not completely avoiding sugar and I've been cheating here and there but am still down 13 lbs from when I started. For exercise I only get to Zumba a couple times a week. I need to do more but can't seem to work it in right now. I'm trying to make prayer/Bible reading time a morning habit first then will add in other exercise (more than Zumba) later. Always something to work on - it never ends!

    Big now-in-addition-to-your-Homesteader's-Hutches-site-you'll-need-Homesteader's-Health size hugs to you!! :) Love you friend!!


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