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--Thomas Jefferson

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Project Simplify 2012

This month I’m joining in with the Simple Mom to declutter and simplify areas of my home.

Here are the areas that are going to get our attention.

  • Week of March 5: Kids’ stuff—toys, clothes, and the like
  • Week of March 12: Kitchen and/or pantry
  • Week of March 19: Closets, countertops, and drawers (oh my)
  • Week of March 26: Choose your own adventure—you pick your most-needed hot spot .

I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, but if I felt like if everyone else was doing it right along with me, I wouldn’t feel so bad about it. Oh, I still don’t feel “good” about it, but at least I’m going to do it.

It would be even better if my peeps would do it right along with me. I will resort to begging. Don’t make me go there. You’re going to make me go there aren’t you? Fine! Will you PLEASE do this with me? Pretty Please? With sugar on top? I want to see your clutter and compare it to my clutter and see who had the most clutter. (I’m competitive that way!) Come on!!! PLEEEEEEAAAASE?

Did it work?

So basically you’ll get to see some more of my clutter this month and how I managed it all. I know you’re super excited and probably won’t sleep well until the big reveal on Friday but there’s nothing I can do. So why don’t you just join me? It’ll make the time go by faster.

Click HERE to get more of the details!



  1. Hmmm...I may just have to join you on this...I'm ready to purge!!!!

  2. You're cracking me up! But no I won't be posting pictures of my clutter because I know I would win and then you'd feel all bad. :)

    I am, unfortunately, a clutter bug. I've really been working on that lately (last two months or so) but still have a loooonnnnggg way to go. There's a whole room that just has stuff stuck in it because we had no where else to put it one day. Nope not showin' that, off. No sireee.

  3. I'll join you... :) :) Have a great Sunday. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. I'm ready to de-clutter, too! I plan to clean on the "down-low" because I don't want my husband to know that I'm capable of de-cluttering...

  5. Did you hear me yelling up here! Yesterday I had a little melt down about the clutter that only I can see (apparently). I'm with you!

    In fact, have extra motivation since our small group is getting together a couple loads of donated items to take to the tornado devestated areas. :)

  6. Well, I'm decluttering my mind right now, does that count? ;)

    Look forward to seeing how it goes!

  7. Oh my friend - I wish I could join you! But I just have too much going on at the moment and I think it's kind of important that I get the basic cleaning & cooking done - LOL!! I am still trying to do 31 days to clean - a bit at a time which does involve some decluttering. But no time for a big project right now. All big stuff will have to wait for Summer at this point!

    But YOU GO girl!!!! Woo Hoo! You can do it!!

    Big you-always-rock-the-decluttering-so-I-am-looking-forward-to-some-great-pics size hugs to you! Love you friend!! Declutter away and then fly out here and declutter for me - LOL! :)

  8. Well, it is a darn good thing I am a little late to the party as week 1 doesn't apply that much to me :) I only have a very few things for my grandkids so I am way ahead of ya Sister! LOL

    Decluttering is soooo FREEING!! Can't wait!


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