"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Adventures in Grocery Shopping!

We all have to do it. It can't be avoided but I wish "they" could make it a little more enjoyable to do.

Here are some ways I think "they" can make grocery shopping a little easier on us wives and mothers.
AND I'm gonna use bullets because you know I love them and it's been way to long since I've used them.
  • Have things that you need in stock at least 2 out of 3 times you're there. I'm not asking for much but when I go there 2 times in a row and you're out of what I need both times forcing me to go somewhere else and waste my time, it gets aggravating.
  • When you're out of something don't tell me it's coming in tonight. That doesn't help me. I need it now obviously or I wouldn't be there asking you if you had it, now. But kudos to the people that will get their item tonight.
  • Do a little quick check for damaged eggs. I don't expect you to open every carton but maybe notice that there is egg goo all over an egg carton because I obviously don't have that keen egg goo seeking eye and I will just grab a carton and get egg goo all over my hand forcing me to walk all the way up to the front of the store for a wipey thingy to clean off my egg goo. Egg goo is gross! Egg goo!
  • (Warning: Serious run on sentence ahead!) When asking me if I'm finding everything okay please be at least 5 feet from me so I don't have to question you with,"You talkin' to me?" and only to hear you yell back, "Yes, ma'am." like I'm deaf and then for me to yell back, "No, I'm good, thanks." in case YOUR deaf, because it's kind of awkward for the person walking in between us at the same time it's all going down.
Well I think that's about it, for today at least. How many of you think I just got back from grocery shopping a little while ago? Yup!

What adventures have you had in grocery shopping?


  1. Egg goo! Eeeewwww!!!!!!! Welcome back to blogging! I've been missing you and your bullet lists, LOL. (I adore bullet lists, BTW. Used them all the time when I did reports for work because it's easier to "spoon feed" the information.) And your run-on sentence - oh my! That was a doozy!

  2. Oh you poor thing!! I don't really have those things happen, but I also try to avoid grocery shopping on Saturdays if at all possible!

    Big finding-egg-goo-just-won't-do-ew size hugs to you!! Love you and hey - I need a few things from the store. :)

  3. Just glad those bullets aren't aimed toward me! ;) Crazy adventures at the grocery stores these days, that's for sure.

  4. Love your bullets!

    Grocery shopping is definitely an adventure these days! I'm fortunate to live very near 2 of my favorite places to shop: Wal-Mart & Kroger.

  5. Grocery shopping with kids is ALWAYS an adventure!

  6. Love (NOT) bullet number two..I agree! Grr!! I mostly dislike shopping and usually go in the early mornings or evening when it's quiet now the kids are older.

  7. Hi Kim,
    Oh, if I could give up grocery shopping, I'd be a happy camper... On another note, I hope your computer is starting to work again...and I am a bit jealous of your blogging vacation. About a year ago, I decided to post only 3 times a week, and that helped ease the burden of coming up with new material every day.



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