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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Father/Daughter Photography Team and the Wedding!

This past weekend our “nephew” aka our best friend’s son, got married. When we first heard of his engagement I quickly volunteered my hubby and daughter to take their pictures, knowing they (the bride and groom) were on a budget and that my husband and daughter would take pictures for free.

It’s so easy to volunteer other people for things isn’t it? I mean I didn’t even take into consideration that my husband hasn’t taken wedding photos since digital cameras came out and my daughter has never taken wedding photos  in her 19 years. Just call me the confident wife/mother. Ha!

But the groom asked them and they did accept the challenge. There was one drawback. My hubby didn’t own a camera. Oh he still had his old Canon Rebel 35mm camera but I’m thinking that wasn’t going to work. So 2 weeks before the wedding he was able to get his hands on the bride and grooms Canon Digital camera and figure it out quick enough to take some spectacular pictures. My daughter as you know had purchased a Nikon a few months back so she was set.

I won’t go into detail of the stress that goes into taking wedding pictures, but there’s a lot. I think under the circumstances they both did a WONDERFUL job and the bride and groom will have many many, over 2000 pictures in fact, to pick from.

Here are just a few samplings, straight out of the camera, from the big day. Enjoy!

The groom seeing his bride for the first time.


Proud Momma of the groom.


Sealed with a kiss!


Love this picture.


This is one of my favorites! So beautiful.

DSC_0609 DSC_0745IMG_6610


These were just fun.



The beautiful cake was made by the mother of the groom, aka my best friend.


Like I said, there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from, this is just a small sample of the glorious day.

Now to top it off, here is their wedding dance. They did a great job. VERY cute!




  1. Oh how beautiful!!! Kelsey had been telling us all about the wedding (before, of course :) ) So happy to see the pictures! They are a lovely couple!
    Kelsey R

  2. Oh my goodness! Those are great! Hats off and three cheers to your husband/daughter team!!! He sure is a cutie and I can see his Mom's personality shines through him. Best wishes to the loving couple for a long and happy life!

  3. That's so cool!! The pics turned out absolutely amazing!! And that dance was really cute. :)

    Big since-you're-so-good-at-volunteering-people-can-you-volunteer-some-people-to-do-my-dishes-for-me size hugs to you!!! Love ya! Hope you're feeling better! :)

  4. Those are some great pictures of a beautiful couple! And how cool to be able to be at the beach!

    We had a dear friend of the family take our wedding pictures and I remember his horror in discovering at the reception that all the pictures he had taken up until that point had been lost. He was devestated. We went back over to the church for a "redo" lol and it was just fine. But there really is a lot of pressure that photographers put on themselves. Looks like your hubby and daughter did just great!


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