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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Thank My Youngest for My New Living Room Arrangement!

Before Christmas I had announced that we would put our 9 foot Christmas tree (my lame brain idea to go taller) over by the front door because there just wasn’t enough space in our living room.

My 7 year old son proceeded to get “that” look on his face and tell me how hard it was going to be lugging (I’m not sure he used the word lugging but you get the idea) all the presents over on Christmas day. I being the fun, super cool mom said, “Maybe there won’t be any presents under the tree.” Once I got done back-stepping and telling my son I was just joking, I sat and thought for a moment. (Things happen when I have time to think.)

After sitting and pondering for a few minutes, I had a brainstorm. It was actually a pretty brilliant idea. A no brainer if you think about it, which I did. Are you ready for this? I suggested we rearrange the furniture. Ta-Dah!!   

So hold onto your hats people, you’re about to virtually rearrange some furniture with me. Here we go. So the green sofa that used to be along the left wall is now where the two chairs used to be and one of the chairs and the table is where the loveseat used to be and then I scooted the tv that’s on the right wall over so I could fit the other chair near the fireplace. Phew! Are you still with me? Yes, I understand that a “before” picture would have been great but I couldn’t find one. Plus this was a good mental work out right? Right!

Anyway when I stood back and saw it all decorated and stuff, I loved it. It just looked so cozy. Don’t you think it looks cozy?


So when Christmas was over and the tree and decorations were put away I had every intention of putting the living room back the way it was, but upon further observation I realized even without all the Christmas decorations, it looked just as cozy and more inviting this way.  And everyone that comes in says the same thing.

Now because of my 7 year old I now find myself with a more inviting and comfortable living room arrangement. Who would have thunk it?


Hmmm..upon even further examination I realize the tree blocked the eye sore of hats, boots and the bullwhip in the corner. Oh well, tis my life.

Have a lovely day my friends.




  1. Cozy and beautiful and a brilliant idea!!!

  2. I like the arrangement! Your son is a good analytical thinker, LOL!

    And bullwhip?! I'm chuckling over that decor item! Oh SNAP!

  3. Ooh, the bullwhip has gotta stay. That's a conversation piece!!!

  4. That's fabulous!! And it does look really cozy!

    Big is-he-available-to-come-design-my-house size hugs to you!! LOL! Love you friend!


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