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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Lot Can Happen In A Week

A wise pastor once preached a sermon on the very topic of how our lives can change in just a week. This pastor was the husband of my good friend Cheryl that went to be with the Lord unexpectedly last October. My pastor friend lived those words he spoke to the fullest that week.

The week before last I lost a friend to cancer. He was only 35 years old and leaves behind a beautiful young wife and a precious 2 year old boy. That week changed the course of their lives forever.

This past week out of the blue the government decided to shut down my husbands whole department and lay everyone off. So in less then 2 weeks, my husband won’t have a job.

So those are the bad things. Now let’s look at the good.

We are in a very humbling position which causes us to rely FULLY on the Lord. We’ve been here before and we’ve seen Him work miraculously through it all.

Since hearing of the lay off our friends have been so wonderful as to inquire about our needs. They are offering whatever they can to help us. That alone warms my heart and gives me such peace.

It’s an unseen adventure waiting to start. We are definitely praying about what road to pursue. We’ve always wanted to be self sufficient so we are brain storming about what we could do there. We have some ideas but aren’t 100% sure yet. My hubby is looking to see what jobs are available as well. We figure we need to walk in faith towards each door and see which one swings open and which ones remain closed. But the key is to start walking. I am hoping that this adventure doesn’t involve extremely high mountains to climb. *wink*

We’ll be clinging to this verse while we travel this road.

Proverbs 3:5-6  Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

So as the road of uncertainty lies ahead of us, we walk in confidence that the Lord shall supply all our needs according to His riches in glory.

How can I pray for you today?


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  1. Yes things can change very quickly in our lives. The older I get the more I realize things all ways work out and get better. It is so sad to hear of young people losing their lives, some things we just do not understand. I am praying for your family as you go through this time with the loss of income, I have been there too. My husband is now facing open heart surgery, this is my current trial.please pray for us too.

  2. So true, dear Kim. Though I'm sorry this has happened to you, I already see how God is using it for His glory. Case in point, this faith-filled post. We are praying for you daily!

  3. Our family went through this same scenario a few years ago for about 8 months. The scripture that was my mantra was "The Lord is my shepherd. I have everything I need." (Psalm 23:1) This Christian life we live, especially as single income homeschoolers, causes us to constantly stretch our faith muscles.

    We will be praying for your precious "fun" family.

  4. Kim,
    I am new to your page, but I am LOVING it. I just read your post and wanted to reach out to you and let you know that my family will be praying for you. We live off-grid very traditionally and off the land. My son is high functioning autistic and we do the gluten free and casein free diet. A friend shared your site because she knew I would be interested in seeing your recipes. We live EXTREMELY by FAITH. We purchased our land in Idaho site unseen from PA, packed up everything and headed out to our raw land with no power, water or phones. It was the absolute best time of our lives and now living fully by faith and so traditionally is such an amazing lifestyle. I feel for you with all your loss and uncertainty, but when you can fully have faith the ride ahead is amazing!! God bless! Love and prayers your way... <3 Tam

  5. Kim, I am sorry to hear about your friend. And although your husband losing his job was not in your plan, rest assured that God does have a perfect plan. You already have a great attitude about it, and I am excited to see what God does during this time in your life.

  6. I am heartbroken for you, but I know that you will muster the strength to get through these turbulent times. I am praying for you guys!!!

  7. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend - so hard. Glad you shared this post my friend! So many people can relate and it's always wonderful to have extra prayers!

    Big hugs-for-you-and-your-family-as-you-go-through-this-but-I-know-God's-gonna-do-some-fabulous-stuff size hugs to you! Love you my sweet faithful friend! HUGS!! And praying for all of you.


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