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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I’m Puzzled!

Recently I had the idea of getting one of our small tables out so we could put puzzles together. It was one of those desperate Momma moments. The kids were bored and following me around the house. I knew I had to do something quick. That’s when I spied a puzzle in their room. I then ran swiftly into my room and grabbed the table under the bed and set it up.

“Puzzle! Go get a puzzle, any puzzle. Sit down and do a puzzle.” I said ever so softly and gently. *cough*

You know what? I found that I had missed doing puzzles myself. From that point on any time one of us had a few minutes, we’d sit down, put in a few pieces and walk away. It was a great boredom buster for all of us. For me it was more of a mental break.

Here is the puzzle we did a few weeks ago. My middle man picked this one out. I must not have gotten a finished picture. But let’s just say there was A LOT of blue in this puzzle making it quite difficult, but fun.


And then little man picked this one out and did 95% of it himself. Not bad for a 7 year old. Oh and it’s 3-D too, which added a little twist on it. This one had a lot of GREEN in it.

Brody's Puzzle

Here is the most recently finished puzzle. It’s the one I got at a garage sale for 50 cents. The fact that it was a Gooseberry Patch puzzle just made it all the more enjoyable to do. I admit that I wanted to do most of this myself and told the kids to back off let mommy do it. I did however let my hubby help because it was fun to sit and chat while we worked on it.


Well there you have it, one of my favorite boredom busters. Do you do puzzles? When was the last one you put together? If it’s been awhile I encourage you to find one at a garage sale and do it. It’s very therapeutic.

Have a lovely day my friends.





  1. Your puzzles are pretty and relaxing to do, I am sure. I buy puzzles for my stepmom, and am amazed at how beautiful they are.

  2. I love puzzles! Used to do them a lot in college because it was cheap entertainment! I worked on one at a lodge last year. It was set up in the lobby area and all the guests would add a few pieces.

    Good thinking, Kim!

  3. My dad used to have a card table set up when I was a teen with huge jigsaw puzzles that would take days to finish - fun stuff!

    Big there's-something-puzzling-about-this-post-but-I-can't-quite-put-it-together size hugs to you! :D Love you friend! Yay me - caught up on my commenting! :)

  4. I used to love doing puzzles with my nana when I was a kid, Kim! I'm sure I have one I got really cheap from the library (some years ago now)...I just might have to hunt it out!


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