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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, April 18, 2013

There’s A New Bird in Town!

Actually I should say birds because just recently we’ve had two new bird species in our little neck of the woods.

We captured this guy “a painted bunting” on our feeder and bird bath numerous times in the past week.


The picture isn’t great. It was really hard to capture him because he goes from one place to the other so quickly. Plus this was taken inside the house. But I think you can still see the vibrant colors of this beautiful bird. You can learn more about him and see better photos of him here.

Then we have the great crested flycatcher.

They are making their home in this bird house that my hubby put on the side of a pine tree.


They have been so busy putting all sorts of different nesting materials in there. This particular species will hunt down a snakes skin to hang outside the house in order to ward off potential predators. Smart eh?

This is the best picture we could get so far. He or she was just coming out of the hole and flying off to get more nesting material.


 You can read more about these cute little birds here if you so choose.

I love that every day has the potential to learn something new. My kids don’t even realize they are learning because we are having so much fun looking up each species we see and finding out more about them. Fun stuff.

Do you have any new birds in your neck of the woods?


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