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Monday, September 9, 2013

Florida Island Fun!

We live very close to a big river. We also live pretty close to an inlet that leads out into the beautiful blue ocean. It’s at this inlet that you can get a glimpse of the pristine waters without actually having to go out into the ocean.

There is a specific place we go to called “the sandbar” where you can anchor and actually get out in the water and it’s only ankle to knee deep. It’s perfect for playing around in.


Today was perfect. We had big puffy clouds to help shade us from full sun. The temperature was perfect. The water was BEAUTIFUL and warm. There were no crowds because it was a Monday. But despite all of that, something managed to rain on our parade. Jellyfish. Not just one or two jellyfish; a whole fleet of jellyfish. So there was no water time fun at the inlet today.

These are the culprits right here. Mikee was brave enough to go in and get a picture. But he came out with tingly legs.


BUT, we didn’t give up. We headed up river a little bit, found ourselves an island and anchored our boats. Granted, the water isn’t as clear but it was just as warm and fun and best of all, no jellyfish anywhere.

Our besties following us to our new destination.


We’ve arrived.

charest and wilson boat pic

The boys had fun exploring the island. (And no we didn’t make them wear their life jackets the whole time. I think they forgot they had them on.) *smile*20130909_113629

We had TONS of fun chillaxin’ in the water.

 20130909_123452 water fun

And Captain Mike had tons of fun chillaxin’ in the shade.


Heading back to the dock. Windblown and wet, but happy.


So in the end, finding an island in the middle of the river was just as fun as anything else we could have planned. Always look for the Plan B, just in case Plan A falls through.

Have a lovely day my friends




  1. What a beautiful beautiful memorable day! Oh, how I love to see this sweet fellowship & bond your families share. So glad you didn't let the jellyfish spoil your fun.

  2. Looks like lots of fun and beautiful too!

    Big the-best-part-for-me-would-be-the-no-crowds-part size hugs to you! So nice that you can do things like that on a weekday! love you friend! :)


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