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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How to Grow a Pineapple

So you’ve got the top of a pineapple, now what? Well the answer to that question is easy. You plant it.

Any time you purchase a pineapple or in our case grown one, make sure you cut the crown off about an inch down from the top so you can grow your own out of it. It really is simple.

(If you live in colder climates you may stop reading now because pineapples like/love the warmer weather.) For the rest of us, this is what you do.

First of all let your crown sit in water for a couple of weeks. You want it kind of rotten. I know it sounds gross but just let it sit there. If you’re like me you have no problem ignoring plants in your home and watching them die a slow and painful death. Embrace this and just let that pineapple sit there.


After a couple of weeks it should look something like the picture below. Yummy huh?IMG_6167

Now simply dig a hole a couple inches deep and then bury it just over that rotten part. Pineapples LOVE dry, sandy soil but we’ve had success in richer dirt as long as there is proper drainage.


Place your rotten and in my case moldy crown in the ground and just bury the yucky part. Leave the rest sticking out.


Voila! You’re done. Easy Peasy right?


It’s not hard. They take little to no maintenance and if you’re lucky, in a year or so you’ll get the best pineapple of your life. I say if you’re lucky because you know who else likes fresh pineapples? Raccoons, squirrels, armadillos etc. So sometimes you have to fight for what’s yours and that could mean putting wire around it when it starts to ripen. It worked for us and we reaped the benefits of one of the best tasting pineapples on the planet.

I’d like to thank my supper fabulous husband for planting this and taking photos for me. Yeah, he’s good like that.

Have a lovely day my friends.



  1. I can't wait to try my very own pineapple growing.
    First to buy a pineapple, though!

  2. I want to grow a pineapple but I cannot in Indiana because of you know, snow. Maybe I should move to Florida and grow a pineapple.

  3. That's cool!

    Big am-I-in-trouble-because-I-didn't-stop-reading-even-though-we-can't-grow-them-here size hugs to you! :D


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