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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Next Gluten Free Conversion Recipe (You Pick)

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Since we are embarking upon Fall, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought I would pick my next conversion recipe out of The Harvest Table.

AND since desserts seem to be the most sought after recipes when it comes to gluten free, that’s what I picked out for you today.

I honestly didn’t realize how many yummy recipes I would find but I found a lot. So I narrowed the list down to 5 and I want you to choose the best sounding one out of the 5. Then I’ll get to converting it to gluten free and posting the recipe the regular way and the converted way on my blog hopefully this week.

Here are your choices.

  1. Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie
  2. Grandma’s Cherry Pudding Cake
  3. Walnut Frosties
  4. Autumn Pumpkin Bars
  5. Grandma Mary’s Cran-Apple Stuff 

Have a lovely day my friends.



P.S. By law I need to tell you that the links for the Harvest Table are affiliate links and I get a small kickback if you happen to purchase through them. *smile*


  1. Autumn Pumpkin Bars would be my choice but the pumpkin pie would be a close second.

  2. Autumn Pumpkin bars would be my choice as well!

  3. Well leave it to me to be different....Gingersnap pumpkin pie! My family loves pumpkin pie and a daughter who's crazy for gingersnaps. The walnut frosties intrigues me....cookies maybe? Can I pick them all?

  4. Oh how wonderful! I have friends I would like to give this book to. Now I know what to get them for Christmas!

  5. I agree with Saleslady...I'd love to see the gingersnap pumpkin pie!!

  6. Definitely, Autumn Pumpkin bars. I LOVE pumpkin bars...best fall dessert. Ever.


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