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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Help with My Next Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Review

I just received my next cookbook to review from Gooseberry Patch.

It’s this one. Hometown Christmas! I can’t wait to crack it open.

That’s where you come in. I thought it would be fun for you to pick what category I get my recipes out of. Choose two because I like to make at least 2 recipes when I review a book.

Here are the choices:

  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Sledding Party Warmers
  • Old-Fashioned Christmas Dinner
  • Open House….You’re Invited!
  • Tree-Trimming Treats
  • Slow-Cooler Comfort Foods
  • Coming Home for Christmas

Just leave a comment on this post or my FB page letting me know your top 2 choices.

Thank for your help.


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  1. Open House and Coming Home for CHRISTmas make me envision lots of wonderful food,fellowship and family involved..have to vote for these :)

  2. This was a few days ago, so you probably already picked - but I like Open House and Old-Fashioned Christmas Dinner.

    Big your-favorite-time-of-year-is-fast-approaching size hugs to you! Love you friend!


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