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Monday, January 20, 2014

Simple Flip Flop Storage

Flip Flop Storage

I had seen this idea on Pinterest a LONG time ago and why it’s taken me this long to do is beyond me. I guess I liked tripping over my flops and not being able to find its mate and stuff like that. I guess it’s what fueled my day. Or not.

Anyhoo. I took that idea and improved upon it because for some reason you can’t find wire hangers in the store and then they had you cutting and twisting. Yuck. Too much work. So instead I bought a pack of kids hangers for just over a dollar and did it this way.

IMG_6584I took a tension rod and put it across my space and then hung each pair on a hanger and hung them up. Soooo incredibly easy.

IMG_6585And now they aren’t strewed all over my floor getting kicked around and taking up valuable floor space.

This would work with any shoe that you could hook onto something in order for it to hang. Such a space saver.

Feel free to

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  1. You made it your own in a fine way! I had been using my over-the-door shoe organizer mainly for shoes I seldom if ever wore, so recently I culled the never worns out and put all the ones that I do wear but have to step all over because they're in the floor - or under the bed - in the nice spaces on the back of the door. Hey, I can find the pair I'm looking for every time now!

  2. LOVE this idea. The way my closet is though, I don't have a space where I can hang a tension rod. Hmmm now you have me thinking about a way that I can make this work for me...

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Way to go on this storage solution!

  4. Very clever idea! We call flip flops "thongs" :))

  5. So very clever! I was thinking it wouldn't work in my closet, but if I did the tension rod on the side from front to back, it just might work. However, I'm very lazy about putting things back the way they are supposed to be, so I would probably end up tossing my flip flops back on the closet floor and have a tension rod full of empty hangers - LOL.

    Big maybe-you-could-just-come-over-and-put-my-flip-flops-away-for-me-every-time size hugs to you!! Love you!! :)


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