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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Frog Breedin’ and Worm Eatin’

If that title didn’t make you curious then nothing will. *smile*

To say it’s been raining here in good ol’ sunny Florida is an understatement. It’s rained every day for many many many days now. And when it rains every day for many many days our yard looks like this.


Our rain boots are the only footwear we can wear out back right now and they are oh so sexy with my shorts.

IMG_7013 So when this happens it (the water, not my sexy rain boots) creates a habitat perfect for frogs to come from all around to give birth in. Have you ever tried to sleep to the sounds of frogs giving birth? Have you? Have you? Well, it’s interesting to say the least.

Look closely in the circle and you can see one. One of many. One of probably thousands.

 Tadpoletadpole 2

We’ve had to let the girls out and about for hours a day because their poor coop is pretty mushy too. We like happy chickens not sad and depressed chickens.

IMG_7020 IMG_7021

On the upside, if you can really call this an upside, the brave chickens that choose to venture out into the abyss are greatly rewarded with fat, juicy earthworms.  IMG_7022   When the yard is like this the earthworms seek refuge on the surface but little do they know what awaits. Yeah……If I think to hard about this I get grossed out because they eat the slimy, juicy earthworms and then we eat the eggs.*sticks fingers in ears*  La, la, la, la, la!

So to say that I’m ready for a change is highly under rated. Bring on fall. Bring on the cooler weather. Bring on the not raining every single day. I’m ready.

This post brought to you by a girl in rain boots who is in dire need of sun on her legs. Thank you!

Have a lovely day my friends.


  1. Love the boots! Ah, it could be worse. You could be wearing snowshoes, LOL.

  2. I will gladly trade you our tree frogs on the front door for your tadpoles in the back yard. ;) For such small critters, they do make a big noise. We have one variety that we call sheep frogs, coz they sound just like a bleating sheep. (Well, technically, it's a toad.)

    Don't overthink the chicken/egg thing too much. :Þ

  3. OK, I have been corrected... it is a frog.. but its name is eastern narrow-mouthed toad... go figger.

  4. What a tale! 😃 Sounds like at leadt the chickens are having fun.

  5. Those question marks were supposed to be big smiley emoticons. Oh well.

  6. Love the boots! I actually had a pair exactly like them, lol! I'm curious, do the hens eat the tadpoles? Or just the worms? Your girls are so pretty! We now have 12 girls and one of them is not being very nice. I put her in a specially-made-time-out-coop for a week and it only took a minute for her to return to her mean-girl-ways when I put her back in. Sigh. Chickens crack me up. Is it crazy that I'm actually considering making another coop for real???

  7. Hi Kim, I came over from Pioneer Woman. Hope things aren't so wet down your way by this point in October -- and maybe even a little cooler! Here in KS we're having some beautiful fall weather, but the trees are a little late in changing. Just starting to see color the past week or so. Enjoy the rest of your fall!


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