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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, March 20, 2017

Line Drying Pt. 2

Okay so it’s been 6 years since my first post about line drying but better late than never right?

If you missed my first post about line drying it basically gave you a run down on how much money we saved. You can find that HERE!

But today I’m going to tell you other reasons why it’s good to line dry, besides saving money.

1. It’s therapeutic. Consider it free therapy. Being outside and soaking in some sunshine and breathing in fresh air is just good for the soul. It is I tell ya!

2. It motivates me to buy cuter underwear. (You never know what the neighbors might see. Give them something fun to look at!) Plus, cuter underwear may improve marital bliss. That is if you’re married. If you’re not it will still put a spring in your step just knowing that you got some super cute underwear on. Go on, try it. I dare ya!Smile

3. If you have children you are setting the example of how to be frugal; a different way of doing things. Plus when my 11 year old was younger he loved to hand me the clothes as I put them on the line. Get them started young in helping with chores and they’ll be more prepared for life when they go out on their own. Which can never happen because they’re my babies. Smile with tongue out

4. It’s a good workout. Especially if you’re trying to hang them out on a super windy day and you start laughing so hard your abs hurt. Here’s a video my husband recording of one such line drying experience.

Here’s Pt. 1, when I’m actually getting them hung up. This is older video because our house isn’t that smurf blue any more. Smile

And here’s Pt. 2 after they’ve been hung awhile and I go to check on them. SmileYou’re welcome!

Now I know a lot of you just can’t line dry because of one reason or another and that’s okay. I hope you enjoyed this post any way. Smile

Have a lovely day my friends!


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