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Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Galvanized Stand

I’m about to open your eyes to a whole new world. A world where 3 tier stands reign supreme. A world where organizing, pretty and decor’ unite. Okay enough of the dramatic but seriously, I’m kinda in love with my stand. But first a backstory.

About 4 months ago I saw an ad for Hobby Lobby where they had a 3 tier galvanized stand advertised for $20.00. I quickly (and by quickly I mean I didn’t get to the store till a week later) went to the store to buy it and they were already sold out. Here’s a little fun fact, if you show them the ad, they will give you a rain check and call you when it comes in and you still get it at the sale price. Yes! The bummer is, it took like a month and a half for them to get it back in. But good things are worth waiting for right?!

So I finally got my stand. I had so many entertaining ideas to use it for but I wasn’t going to be entertaining any time soon. So what do I do with it until I “need” it. Well when it’s not strutting it’s stuff in the entertaining circles I use it on my coffee bar. I love it there and it can easily be emptied when I want to use it for a party or something.

Here’s a looksy:



Now if you’re still not convinced you “need” one, go check out my Galvanized Tray Pinterest board with tons of ideas of what you can do with this baby. It’s so much fun. And if you already have one and use it regularly, come visit me on my Homesteader’s Heart FB page and show me or send me a link in the comments section.

Have a lovely day my friends.



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