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Monday, May 22, 2017

Let’s Go to St. Augustine Part 1 Where to Sleep and Eat!

If you’re ever in Florida make sure you make St. Augustine part of your vacation destination. We live in Florida and always feel the need to leave the state for vacation, but on this occasion we decided to stay “local”. By the time you get done reading my posts, you’ll be booking your next vacation here. Smile

  • First of all, find a place to stay. There are literally tons of places to stay. And most are in walking distance to everything! Yay! If it’s just the two of you there are numerous B & B’s right in the heart of town. But because there were 4 of us we decided to rent a house for the few days we were there. This is where we stayed. You can read all about it and see tons of pictures and get prices HERE. Even though this place was surrounded by other homes, the owners went to great lengths to make it feel very private. We would definitely stay there again.


  • Next decide what you are going to do for food. I know this sounds silly but planning ahead really helps when you’ve been walking around all day and find yourself starving. We brought some food to eat while at the house but also did some research online and read reviews about a few places to eat out at and had them on the list to try. All reasonably priced since there are 4 of us to feed.

We ate breakfast a couple of times at Georgie’s Diner. I loved this place. It was so my style. Very 50’s dinerish. This place also knows how to pile on the food.  Because of that, we didn’t have to eat lunch until very late, which gave us plenty of time to explore.

Georgie’s Diner

Another day we ate lunch at a place called Barnacle Bills. YUM! I had the fried shrimp. Oh yeah baby, so good!

Barnacle Bills

And then the last place we ate at was THE best bbq I’ve ever had. Welcome to Mojo’s BBQ! Their Mojo sauce is nothing short of spectacular. The brisket was perfectly cooked and the sides were all outstanding.

  • Now when bringing you’re own food (if not traveling too far away) or if you plan on buying it when you get here, think quick and easy. It’s vacation after all. I still try to eat well on vacation but I definitely let the ol’ diet slide a little too. We brought things like frozen shrimp, ready made burgers and frozen veggies. Breakfast items are easy. Eggs, oatmeal, bacon, cereal etc. If you have a hubby who loves to grill, that’s just a total bonus for the wifey.


Okay, now that we covered places to stay and eat, my next post will be all about things to do and having fun! Yay!!

Have a lovely day my friends.



  1. Well, you've got me interested!

  2. Awesome! We've lived here for nine years and are still finding new things to do and places to eat! Mojo's is definitely one of my faves!!!


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