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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Goals

I’m not one for resolutions but I’m all about setting goals and trying to achieve them. I find it works a whole lot better when I write them down and so I’m going to do that here. Maybe they will inspire you to set your own goals for the year.

1. Meal plan more. I don’t know why I don’t keep up with meal planning. It makes meal time so much easier. I’ve already planned out my first week and making dinner has been a breeze.

2. Work out more consistently. I’m pretty good at working out on a regular basis but during the winter it’s hard to get me out of my robe, let alone workout. I need to just man up and get it done. If you’re interested in the things I do for exercise they are as follows. I do yoga, zumba, Wii Fit, Just Dance, walking outside and free weights. Not all in one day mind you. I mix it up a bit because I get bored real quick. Smile

3. Read my bible more diligently. Instead of reading a lot, I want to read less and absorb more. Does that make sense? Sometimes when I start to read a whole chapter, my mind will start to wonder about half way and I’ve lost myself to the thoughts of the day. It’s the ADD in me I think.

4. Plan more dates with my family. Get them on the calendar and do them.

5. Use my planner that I bought. I’ve tried and tried numerous times to use a planner and have failed every single time. I would usually start out with a bang and then a month or two in it would end up sitting there collecting dust. But this year I found a planner that I’ve already started using and I really like it. It’s the Happy Planner. Click the link and it will show you all about it.

6. Read more! I already have a few books coming in the mail that I want to read this year. At Christianbook.com you can find a lot of books that are slightly irregular for a big discounted price. Plus I got a free shipping deal. Yay! I can’t wait to get started.  I got 6 books for right around $35.00. I’ll post my list in a separate blog post.

7. Blog more. I really miss blogging and every time I say I want to blog more, I don’t. So I want to try to blog more this year. I miss the good ol’ days of blogging so even if no one is reading, it’s always fun for me to look back at our little homestead happenings. Smile

Well that’s about it. Nothing too hard and mind blowing. Totally doable.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.

What about you? Do you set goals for yourself? If so what are some of them?



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  1. Happy New Year Kim. Love hearing your goals-I don't do resolutions, but also set goals. I also love having a word for the year. I'm currently doing several ladies bible studies, need to organize more quilting things and continue to work out three days a week. Sending hugs your way.


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