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Friday, December 21, 2018

And the Winner is……

My hubby dang it. Smile with tongue out Apparently most of my friends are attracted to clean lines and not so much whimsy because he’s won the last 3 years with his super clean lines and design. But I love him, so what do you do. Smile 

Either way we all had so much fun making these. It’s one of those traditions that we really look forward to each year.

Here’s a few pictures from our night.

The calm before the storm!


Getting down to business!


And last but not least, my hubby’s winning gingerbread house.


Mine was a close second, but second none the less. LOL!


Third place was my 16 year old son’s house.


And 4th place was my 13 year old son’s house.


I think they all came out super cute and we’re already planning our houses for next year. Ha! We’re only a little competitive. Winking smile

Have a lovely day and Merry Christmas everyone!



P.S. If you’re interested in seeing past gingerbread houses just click on the Christmas link and you can find them in that category.

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