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Friday, July 11, 2008

Patriotism Photo Challenge

Karen over at Faith of a Single Mom is hosting this photo challenge. Theme is Patriotism. Go check out her site and the other participants listed on her side bar. Here are just a few pictures.
I think pictures of fireworks are just cool. I tried to pick my favorite from our little fireworks extravaganza. We got the Walmart specials but they were still neat to watch.

This is a picture of my daughter last year. She made that cool hat and painted her face. I thought she looked like lady liberty lol.


  1. Lady Liberty is Beautiful!! All of your challenge shots are awesome, thank you so much for playing with us!

  2. Welcome to the Photo Challenge. Great photos! Love the fireworks and your daughter's hat! So glad you have joined up!

  3. Cute daughter!!! Great idea...Those fireworks are beautiful!!! Great job!!hughugs

  4. Lady Liberty is a cutie pie! Love the fireworks too!

  5. Aw, your daughter looks so precious!! Your photo's are great!!

    Have a happy day!

    (P.S. You asked where I live; in Lake Asbury, between Green Cove and Middleburg, Fl)

  6. wonderful fireworks and Lady Liberty is so sweet!!! great photos, kim....this is only my second challenge...and it has been so much fun! hope to see you next time!

  7. Kim, she is beautiful just like her mom! I'm so jealous, we were under a fire ban and couldn't have our annual display. It's probably a good thing, since we were still in the kitchen frying chicken! Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I feel so very special and honored! Girly, Girl, I'm adding you to mine too! Blessings!

  8. your photos are great...especially "Lady Liberty"...looks like she had fun being patriotic, she was certainly creative....great photos for you to look back on later...thanks for playing!

  9. Welcome to the Challenge! love your pictures, lots of fun.

  10. Grad job taking pictures of fireworks! Those are beautiful and your daughter is adorable. Glad you joined the challenge.

  11. I loved your photos! Your daughter is so pretty.
    xoxo Nita

  12. Cute daughter and hat.

    You must love having fireworks. we can't have them here in Australia - they are illegal unless you have a special license. I can remember as a kid letting them off down the block when you could still buy them.


  13. Hi Kim,

    Great photos and I love your fireworks and your daughter's photo. Nice to meet you and I love your blog,I like your banner. Hope you had fun playing.

  14. I had heard that Lady Liberty had gotten a make-over, but I had no idea to what extent. lol She's cute as she can be!

    Love the fireworks pictures. Very pretty!


  15. I love your photos ~ I have enjoyed taking part in the challenge for the first time and am looking forward to the next one.
    love and hugs Tabitha XXX


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