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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Challenge -Numbers

Karen M. Over at Love and Engraved is hosting this weeks photo challenge. The theme is numbers. The names are listed on her side bar make sure you go check every one's out. But check my out first lol.

This first picture is one I took at a local High School on my birthday. I thought it was perfect lol!
This picture is just one of my very favorite number. I always loved the number 13. I remember 13 was my favorite age. I guess because you are officially a "teenager". Okay not very original but it was what came to mind.
The last picture is of what time it is right now. How would we tell time without our precious numbers on the clock (or in some cases a little dot that you can barely see, representing a number) And I love my Larry Boy clock lol.
There you have it. I'm going to go check out some others and see how different they all are.


  1. These are Great!!! So Happy you are a part of the Brenda Photo Challenge!! I Love the Larry clock as well!!haha...Happy day!hughugs

  2. I'm a clock-watcher too! The Larry clock is a hoot!

  3. PS- By the WAY!! Happy Late Birthday to you!!!

  4. Great pictures! Love the clock! Glad to have you playing with us. I knew you would be creative. Joy and fun just leap from your posts. Glad I found you.

  5. And I enjoyed your original numbers too..Annie

  6. "Larry Boy the clock" - that's funny! I love it. Twelve has always been my favorite number, but I do vaguely recall the thrill of "finally" being 13! Yay! A teenager!! Geez, that sure was a long time ago, come to think of it. lol

    Belated Happy Birthday, by the way!!


  7. So that is Larry boy? How fun and colorful! I think my favorite number was 27, if it was based off my favorite age... and I couldn't tell you why. It's just always the number and age that pops to mind.

  8. great photos, kim....and clocks have been popular...guess we all realize their significance! :) but your is much cuter!!! my fave number has always been 7....as long as i could remember having one...but yes...13 was something i looked forward to, also.

  9. Ok, my friend. My favorite is, of course, the Larry Boy Clock photo. :) If that doesn't make everyone smile, what will, hee hee. :)
    I love you my friend! It was fun yesterday - when ya comin' over again? :)

  10. Great photos. The date one is clever, and the clock is hilarious. I only seem to watch the clock on LONG road trips.

    OH, and my favorite number is 13........not many people love that number but I do.

  11. that clock is just so FuN! I never thought about using my "favorite" number...huh...these photo challenges really make us think don't they?

    Great photos, one and all.

  12. Nice choices for photos!
    You don't hear of very many people choosing 13 for their favorite number. I suppose because they are superstitious. And yet it's my husband's favorite number, too!

  13. I love the larry boy clock! My kids love those cartoons:)
    Hope you had a great birthday!
    Amanda x

  14. Oh darn it, I wanted to be the
    13th comment, 13 is my number too. My daughter was born on Friday the 13th. I would have loved it if her 13th birtday would have fallen on a Friday but it didn't. Wouldn't that have been the coolest thing ever? I was going to do a superstitious birthday party! I love your numbers, you did GOOD!

  15. I just love that clock ~ it is so cute!! Great photos!
    love and hugs XXXX

  16. Thanks for visiting Kim and so glad you're participating. Great take on it and like everyone I love the clock too. lol.

  17. Well Done...So pleased to meet you and how funny that we all found a clock to include!

  18. Cute Larry Boy clock! I have some friends who would love that.

    13 is our lucky number!
    Younger son, born on the 13th,
    was the 13th great grandchild of a grandfather born in 1913!
    And, I also remember the joy of turning 13... wow... that was sooo long ago.

    Nita Jo

  19. You are so much fun! What a hoot! The favorite number written on a piece of paper was particularly creative. ;)

    Came over here expecting to find a thief, and instead I find a genius!

  20. Your Larry Boy clock is TOO cool! Love it! Wonderful photos young lady!

  21. Loved the photos - the clock is so cute :-)


  22. I love Veggie Tales! Such a cute clock. I was out of town so I'm just getting around to see everyone's photos.

  23. great pictures they are really cool!



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