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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Imagine my surprise!

So as I was telling this story to Kathy yesterday and she said that I need to blog about it because it is actually a very funny story, however you are not able to get the facial expressions and body language that I was throwing into the story but I hope you can "see" the humor in it just the same.

I admit, I like to see who comes and visits my blog. Mainly because I like to come see yours and what you are all about. So every now and again I'll check my site meter for some "new" faces. As I was checking it the other day I noticed a few visits from a site that I hadn't seen before. Well , well , well, someone has me on their side bar and people are come over in groves to see me. *Cue big head music* So I click on the link and arrive at this persons site. Now the post that was new on her site was entitled something like "stuff that bugs me about your blog". Intrigued I read on. She went on about not liking music on blogs and I thought well this isn't about me, so I proceeded to look on her side bar for my link because she must have gleamed from some of my wisdom and wanted to come back but I was unable to find it, so I went back to the post to read on (since I was already there). She then went on to say how a lot of blogs are busy and mess with her eyes etc. etc. etc..She then had examples called "this" and "this". So curious I clicked on the first "this". I admit it was quite a busy blog and a bit hard to read but still it was nice. I went back and clicked on the other "this" and somehow I arrived back at my blog! Well this must be some mistake, I thought. So I hit the back button and hit "this" again. And once again I was back at my blog. *Cue bubble bursting music* My blog irritated this person and I was being used as an example lol. Hence the traffic flow!
Well me being me I had to leave a nice comment letting her know that I had been there and that she was busted lol. I just basically told her everything I really didn't want to tell her lol. I was gracious and nice and told her that it was funny. HA! HA! *cue sarcastic music* She then responded apologizing saying she didn't think that I would ever find her due to the fact that we were complete strangers. (Thank you Site Meter!)
Moral to this story: I don't have one LOL! How about not ever linking to someone unless there is some good on the other end. If you want to read the post here it is lol. Enjoy! It's my turn to throw some traffic lol. I hope you got a good laugh at my expense. My head is a little smaller this morning thank you.
Blessings my friends.
Update: She has taken off the link that pointed to my blog as irritating, so now this story isn't near as funny lol. But I appreciate her kindness!


  1. How funny! I love that you told the story on your blog. It is amazing how we are all connected. The blogosphere is a very small world sometimes! I LOVE YOUR BLOG FOR THE RECORD!

  2. Hi! I'm here via SophieMae's place and I just wanted to tell you that your blog is fine! I love the header, it goes well with the layout. I checked out the other blog she had a link to and I didn't think it was that bad either. SHe should definitley steer clear of my blog! No music, but I've heard it causes headaches, seizures, ringing of the ears and athlete's foot!

  3. Your story literally made me laugh out loud!! Poor thing!! LOL!!! I can't believe someone would actually do that... but maybe she will change it now!

    Speaking of traffic, I don't know how I found you, but it definitely was NOT from a "this" button :D


  4. Hi Kim,

    I love your blog too! You make me laugh and often offer great ideas to think about. You have an amazingly positive attitude about life in general and that is always refreshing.


  5. Well, I was trying to read your post this morning, but my eyes keep bugging out, I just can't seem to make out the words due to wild and crazy scheme on your page - ROFL :). Oh my friend, you know I love your page - we all have different opinions. I just wish everyone could have seen the facial expressions you "shared" with me yesterday, LOL. I love you!

  6. I am laughing out loud and hard on this. You are so kind to have such a sweet spirit. I went over and left a comment for her and if she stops by to visit me she will be shocked when my music pops up. If it scared you the other day, sorry about that. But that song was just for YOU. I remember when some one posted about music and it bugged them badly. I nearly quit blogging because I was so embarrassed and hurt, I was brand new at blogging too. It felt like a personal attack on me. But I stuck it out, left my music on and she and I are VERY good friends now. I figure if someone reads me very often they know I have music...for every posting I try so hard to find just the right song. Lately I have not been up to it, but yours sure does fit!!! I wish that I could figure out how to keep my music off unless someone WANTED to play it. I think Amy has it figured out and I need to find out how also. Have a great weekend.

  7. It IS a small world. I'm sorry again! I did end up taking the links off. I never meant to hurt feelings (and I DID bring you some traffic, if that gets me off the hook at all).
    I firmly believe that a blog is an extension of the person--it should reflect YOU and be how YOU want it! Several others of my friends have mentioned about not liking music or other things on blogs, and I have an ongoing series of 'quirky thursdays' of my personal oddities...I thought my blog-issues might be an interesting post. I suspect most of my regular readers took it as nothing more than that. But without the context of that regular meme, I can see that the post comes off making me seem a very negative person.
    Again, so sorry!

  8. That is really funny, but it would make me sad too. I LOVE your site. I come by everyday! You are too sweet and to share about it online took bravery! Be blessed!

  9. Well, I just love your blog, especially your header...wink wink! The nerve of some people! I laughed about her music comments. Did she use me as an example? My husband and I were in a touring group at Baylor where we sang all over the country. He was a music minister until a few months ago and we sing often together in church and at conferences. Of course I am going to have music on my blog...because, well...it's my blog and I like it. I'm dumbfounded by her blog and her comments. I'm thankful that she apologized. She needed to do that! Keep up the good work, my friend!

  10. Oh my! You were extremely kind and gracious and bravo to you for being able to laugh it off!

  11. You are too funny!

    Thats sweet she took it off and even made it sound like on her blog she felt bad for what she had done......

    Maybe I should start blogging now, Now that I know all the cool ( wink wink) girls are doing it:)

  12. That is funny - so glad you shared it!! I also like seeing where people come from. I'm always fascinated by people that stop by from different countries and have found some interesting blogs.

    I like your blog - it's sunny and happy! Just remember, not everyone will like every blog. Just think how mine must annoy lactose-intolerant people, for example. :)

    That was a nice comment she left though.

  13. Busted! I think she learned something from the experience. What's the old saying? If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?

    Good for you for calling her attention to it in a nice way.

  14. Kim,

    I can't believe anyone could have anything negative to say about your blog ever. It is the place I come to when I want to giggle :)

    You have the sweetest spirit and it just shines through your words that you post. I'm glad you called it for what it was and I'm glad in your case you received an apology.

    For whatever it is worth, I love your blog and think you give many people many a smile. And that's a very very good thing!

    We are called to encourage and build one another up!!

  15. OK, please don't laugh at me...but what is a site meter? I'm actually distressed that someone would say that about your site because it is so soothing...can you imagine what she would do if she came to mine? tee hee

    She would have a seizure, migraine, and maybe some palpitations! But that would be just from looking at my good looking husband...uh oh, I'm on a roll ... I better stop or I'll start being unedifying too!

    You are so precious ..don't you dare change a thing!

  16. Reckon I should've read your comment on her post before I added music to my site! LOL! It's just one song and I put the control thingy up high so readers can turn it off if they prefer and...

    Anyhow, I really like your page. At least I don't have to hilite the text to be able to read it. Or take off my glasses and get real close and squint to make out the tiny letters. 8-}

  17. I loved this post. Somehow "It's A Small Word After All" keeps playing in my head.

    I read a similar post not too long ago written by someone else. She didn't do links and was a LOT more blunt, LOL.

    Kudos to the poster for her apology and removing your link from her blog. It was kind of like the pot calling the kettle black re: the privacy issue, wasn't it?

    And I'm glad you got lots of traffic on your site. That means more people know what you are about - God! It's amazing how He uses things, isn't it?

  18. That is very funny!! I love your layout and the header!! I wish I were so "tech savy"! I need the book... blogging for dummies!! :o) In any case, great laugh! I found you via Debra at clothed in scarlet! Beautiful family!!


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