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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday- Special Friendships

A friend loves at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

Today Iris at Grace Alone is talking about special friendships. I actually posted not to long ago about my very best friend Kathy. I believe friendships like this only happen once in a lifetime. It's the let your hair down, no holds barred type of friendship. When we thought we were moving about a year ago and I realized I would be leaving my best friend in the world, I almost had a meltdown. It was like I was getting divorced. That's the type of bond that we have. She too was having a meltdown, it wasn't very pretty around these parts lol. But the Lord had different plans and here we are. We joke around and my husband says to tell Kathy "thanks" cause her prayers are probably why we're still here lol. There are other reasons we see now that we are still here but I believe the Lord wasn't ready for our friendship to be surgically separated lol.
Enough about her lol! I have also been blessed with some awesome friends from the blog world. I don't know who got me into blogging but I'm not sure if I should thank them or smack them lol. I started blogging about a year and a half ago on Homestead Blogger. I then discovered Blogger and changed over. I met one really great friend named Patti on homestead blogger and talk to her often still. When I came over to blogger and discovered Meme's, well that's all she wrote. I found my place in the blog world and the rest is history. I have grown very fond of my new found bloggy friends. I'm afraid to list you all as it's early and I don't want to miss anyone. If you are on my side bar you are a friend, if I follow your blog I consider you a friend. If I have ever commented at all on your posts, then I consider you a friend. Whew! That should cover every one. There are a special few and I know you know who you are. *WINK!*
Everyone should go out and get themselves a buddy. Husbands are great and mine is "really" my best friend but you gotta have someone of the same species who will "understand" and knows where you are coming from. You know what I mean?
Okay this is turning into a novel. I love you my friends and I expect all of you to comment on this poorly written post lol. I really need to work on my writing skills. Laura Lee can you help me with that my FRIEND!
Blessings to you all. Have a most excellent Thankful Thursday.


  1. I am so thankful for my blogging friends too. You all are precious. I love the friday funnies meme you started! Great! BtW...love your new look!

  2. Kim,

    Very thankful for you! I love to come and hang out here...you have a way with words that make people feel right at home. :)

    And your writing can always leave one with a smile too so there's something to be said for that! Back me up, Laura Lee! Happy Thursday, my friend. Hugs to you!

  3. I love you too and our bloggy friendship!

  4. I love your ramblings! You just type what you think.

    Friendships are wonderful to have.

  5. What a great post on friendships, Kim! I am so thankful that we met and became friends in the blogosphere. You rock! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  6. I'm so glad that we met through Homestead blogger. Your friendship and prayer support is such a blessing to me. I look forward to meeting you for "real" one of these days and to giving you a great big hug. And since my in-laws live on the Space Coast, it is VERY possible that WILL happen.

    Have a lovely day!!


  7. Kim, I'm thankful for you too! (WinK right back atcha!)

    ;) You sure do have a lotta friends! ;)

  8. Poorly written post? Nah, it was a great one :)

  9. Kim,

    Your post was beautiful - not because of how you wrote it but because of what you wrote. You shared the love of Jesus with us and that always blesses!

    I pray you pick up the true friend award and the others I am giving today! You are a treasure in this blogging community!

    Thank you for always encouraging!

    Love always builds up!

    In His amazing grace,

  10. Great post! It is awesome to have such a "sister friend" in your life! A good friend once called me a "wet booger" friend....once I got over the gross word picture I realized it was a compliment...not matter what I stuck with her! LOL! Blessings to you!

  11. I love blogging too. I am afraid one day BA (Blogging Anonymous) will be part of my healthcare plan (LOL).

    You are lucky that your best friend or you didn't move away. My best friend moved away 2 years ago. It was very hard for me at first. We still keep in touch.

  12. Oh, here it is the end of the day and I'm just reading Blog posts!!!! You are the best friend I have ever had (period). I love you Kim, yup, several tears were poured out of my heart over you moving and I just wanna say that apparently God was listening and He cares!!! :) I love you my friend :)

  13. That was such a sweet post! I love that I have made blogging friends and I'm glad you're one of them!

    Many blessings to you...

  14. You are so right. I love the blogging community as a whole, and I really cherish the friendships I've made.


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