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Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Hours and 50 grey hairs later

This past Saturday my husband and I took the family and his Mom to go see an air show at the Kennedy Space Center. It was completely awesome. At the beginning the announcer was inviting us all to sing the National Anthem and so we all joined in. My husband was video taping and we are all facing West where the center of activity was to take place. In the middle of the song and out of now where 2 F-16s came out of the East and scared the living daylights out of us. My mother-in-law jumped 5 feet into the air, aged 10 years and ducked for cover. I stood there and felt 50 brown hairs spontaniously turn grey. I'm not sure how my kids reacted as I was laughing so hard at my MIL lol. And talk about LOUD. You couldn't hear them coming but boy when they zoomed passed you you knew it. It was kind of a rush because there was so much power there. They had all kinds of different air planes doing incredible spins and dips and spirals but I have to say that the Blue Angels were my favorite. At one point the 3 planes that came out together were no more than 18 inches apart. Ummm, I don't think so. Then one of them did a low fly by that took us all by surprise. He had to have been going 800 miles per hour. It was so incredibly awesome. Such power and speed. I think I want one for Christmas. How much can those cost anyway? Yeah Right! To end this precious event my husband was taking one of our sons to the port o potty and my other son noticed that the interior lights of our SUV were blinking on and off. Hmm, I thought, not good. So I proceeded to try to turn the car over and nothing happened. The battery was dead. Between having the hatch up for 3 hours, having our camera plugged into the lighter, she was dead. Oh and we didn't have jumper cables. In my panic I asked the only person left next to us if they had jumper cables and they did thank goodness. Can you imagine being stuck out there lol. Anyway, I wish you could see the video we took but for now you will have to settle for pictures from our dying camera. It was really hard to capture good pictures as they were always moving so fast but I hope you enjoy them anyway.
You can click on the pictures to make them bigger and easier to see.
If you look closely in the background on either side of the white building, that's where they launch the space shuttle. They are kind of shadowed.

Look how low they are. Isn't it cool?
It was a wonderful outing but very tiring as you can see. We were all tuckered out. This one doesn't usually fall asleep in the car no matter what but we captured this rare moment.
Apparently the Blue Angels are going to be performing in 35 other cities so my advice to you is to check out if they will be near you and go see them. You won't be disappointed.
Have a great day my friends.


  1. Brian's granddad was a WWII pilot, so he took us to see this awhile back when he was still alive. It was fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We used to go to their show almost every time they were near us. It was always a great show. We have not been in years though. I think I will see when they are near here. I'm glad you had such a great day.

  3. I love air shows - I used to go with my dad quite a bit when I was younger...I miss that.

    And YES, it's taking me forever to put up posts! :) I was in Florida again visiting my mom and when I got home I was exhausted and pretty much avoided the blog world, including my own blog! Thanks for sticking around anyway!

  4. What fun! I was born in Wichita, Kansas. The Thunderbirds use to fly over our house on their daily practices. It is a neat sight to see!

  5. Kim,

    There was an airshow near us yesterday ~ but we didn't know it until we came out of church and the planes were all flying around.

    We have seen the blue angels and they truly are magnificent! I'm so glad you had a good time. And the picture of the little guy all tuckered out is too cute for words.

    Happy Monday, my friend!!

  6. I'm struggling with those pictures a bit, my friend. Don't you remember me saying that I admit I can't handle winter. We haven't had that much green in a month already!!!! Sure makes me miss Florida....and my in-laws, since they live so close to the Space Center.

    Looks like a fun outing, though. And the picture of the little guy is SO cute.

    Blessings to you this Monday,

  7. WOW! Kim!

    Those are really GREAT shots! I especially liked the one where you got all three in one pic! And of course, my fav is the one of your precious son, out like a light! So sweet!

    Well, I'm a bit strange, and LOVE getting gray hairs....soooo maybe I should try to get to one of those air shows since you got 50 all at once! HA!

    Love you sweet sister! You're always so much fun to visit!


  8. Sounds like a fun day! I'm glad you were able to find someone with jumper cables so easily.

  9. So cool! I should see if they'll be near us at all. I think my son would love it. It's been a long time since I saw an airshow like that, but I have seen the Blue Angels before - fantastic!

  10. What a great weekend event...heart episode and jumper cables and all:-)

  11. Sounds like an awesome day, gray hairs and all! Definitely worth it. Airshows are not my thing as I'm not into flying things that might crash into me, LOL! We went to an airshow at our local airport once and it was pretty neat. Steve LOVES them. I'm so glad ya'll had a good time. The pics were great, especially the little one sleeping...adorable!

  12. Great shots! I love going to see the air shows either Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. :D It is amazing to see what they can do and so close to each other, too! :D

    Have a great day!

  13. I bet that was a good show. I used to work at a small airport and we had an F16 or 18 pilot stay over one night and the next day before he left he did a couple of fly overs. It is amazing at the power and loudness of those planes!

  14. I went to an airshow a LONG time ago when I was in HS and thought I wanted to go into the airforce. I love those things! They are a lot of fun!

    Kennedy Space Center is so much fun and the whole area has so much great history of space travel.

    So glad you had a loud but fun day!

  15. very cool! I would love to see that sometime!

  16. Kim,

    I have an Award for you. Don't cring ~ I had to .. you are one of the most real people I know.

    ((hugs)) to you, my sweet friend!


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