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Monday, November 3, 2008

At The Well- A God Honoring Schedule

Sunny from A Damsel No Longer in Distress is hosting our topic at the well today: Preparing a God-honoring Schedule with No Regrets. Here are her questions to ponder:
1. Have you ever planned your day, week or month, then regretted making the commitments you’ve made, wondering if your plan was the right one?
2. Have you ever wondered if you should’ve said “yes” to one person and “no” to another and just weren’t sure what the best thing to do was?
3. Who or what does your schedule represent? Does it represent you, your affinities, or your love for Christ?
I'm going to do a little then and now. First let me start off by saying that I believe that serving in church ministry is wonderful but I am going to say something about the timing of it.
Back when my husband and I only had one child we both were VERY involved in church ministry. My daughter went to public school and did sports and in the world's eyes we were doing all the right things. BUT, joy started leaving, struggles started coming, conflict within our family started looming over us. What was going on? I had the perfect schedule. My day was full of activity. When the day ended we sat down and had dinner as a family and spent our "quality" time together and would go to bed. My next child appeared on the scene but that wasn't going to slow me down. I can still do this........ Why am I tired and frustrated? My kids are driving me crazy. Don't they know I need to memorize my lines for the skit? Homeschool? No way! I don't have time for that. Then WHAM! Neon sign from the Lord. I can't go into detail what that sign was but let's just say it was so obvious a blind man could have seen it! Are you sure Lord?
Fast forward to today. I have 3 children and I homeschool them all. I spend just about every waking moment at home and I LOVE it. I'm not rushed to do anything. I cut out all volunteering of any kind. I do miss it at times but realize that this season in my life is meant for taking care of my children and being there for my husband and taking care of my home. My schedule is very relaxed and doesn't vary to much from day to day. I have a neighbor who I know looks at me and thinks I'm crazy and swears she could never do that. But yet I see her run her 3 year old around from play date to play date and activity to activity and she, my friend, looks so tired and worn down. My kids are very happy to be at home. If we do things we do them all together as a family. Our schedules now permits that to happen. My husband leaves for a job every day but when he's home he's home.
With that said, I know that God gives us all talents and gifts and if they are only used to serve your family then they are not wasted.I do believe that in a different season I will probably once again serve with great gusto in regards to ministry outside the home, without neglecting what's going on inside the home. BUT it will be the Lord's guiding and instructing for just the right time to do it. For now those talents and gifts that the Lord has blessed me with get poured into my children and my husband. Whether they like it or not and for how ever long the Lord wants. It could be forever.
I do have regrets about past decisions that I've made and I know they weren't all centered around the Lord and I wasn't seeking Him in my efforts but ever since the Neon sign I know for a fact I am where He wants me to be and doing exactly what He wants me to be doing. I don't get the worldly recognition or outside applause but when I lay my head down at night I have peace knowing that my Savior is in heaven with a smile on His face and one day I hope to hear Him say, " Well done good and faithful servant."
My advice? Don't wait for the Neon sign. I had known for quite sometime that something needed to change but kept putting it off and putting it off. Well it didn't pay off doing that, I'll tell you right now. If God has laid on your heart a change, then I advise you do it. Don't wait! Don't procrastinate! Prayerfully seek Him in your daily decisions because He truly does care about every detail of our lives. Remember my schedule isn't going to look like your schedule. The Lord has specific details laid out for each and every person. Everyone is at a different season in their life. I'm just saying seek Him first before you commit to anything.
I'm going to leave you with only one verse today because this one verse speaks volumes about what I said today.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven:

Blessings my friends.


  1. Oh I so agree with your posting today. Bringing up the children in a Godly manner is one of the most important jobs on this earth. Those children are gifts from God and He has trusted you to take care of them and to raise them to glorify Him. You are serving God each and every day when your home is a happy, blessed home such as your is! I KNOW God already looks down and is pleased with how you serve Him! What an example you are to me. Thank you!

  2. What a blessing to hear how you have placed your family first. So many of us get that part mixed up - we think our joy is wrapped up in all the things we get involved in. I do believe that each of us has been placed by God giftings and talents to give back to the Lord but many times those giftings are to be at work in our homes. Always love your spirit - Blessings, Laurie

  3. Precious Kim, I love your heart. I love that you have been obedient and followed exactly what the Lord has asked you to do. Joy, peace and contentment always result when we are obedient.

  4. Excellent wisdom. God showed me this several years ago as well. As the time I only had two little ones and was very, very involved in music ministry. God spoke to my heart and changed my priorities to His and I am so thankful that He did.

    Thanks for sharing with us today!

  5. It is always a joy to see how the Lord not only corrects us, but steers us in the right direction and then blesses us with overflowing joy when we obey Him. Thank you for sharing how the Lord worked in your life. I can relate to your sharing about being involved in ministry but finding out your true ministry is your home and family. Loved reading this. Be blessed.

  6. I want to respond to your statement about "once again I will be serving with great gusto." I am going to remind you that right now you ARE serving with great gusto. Serving your family IS serving the Lord with great gusto. I know that you know that. But if you NEVER serve in any church programs again, you can still be serving the Lord. As you minister to your husband and children, as you reach out to your neighbors, as you invite people into your home for a meal, as you share your life on this blog, you are serving the Lord.

    You know my story. You know that I am very passionate about this subject. For some reason we are being continually told that if it's not being done in the church that it's not being done for the Lord. I believe that is a lie from the enemy of our souls.

    So, my friend, I am the voice today that is reminding you....you are serving the Lord with great gusto right now, right where you are.


  7. Sweet Kim,

    You said: "Neon sign from the Lord. I can't go into detail what that sign was but let's just say it was so obvious a blind man could have seen it!"

    Same thing happened to me! Could we be twins?! :-) I too volunteered in EVERY ministry possible and EVERYONE just LOVED me and gave me lots of pats on the back. Unfortunately, THAT became my god. And God rebuked me as well, and now, my schedule is how you see it now, with God first and throughout. Consulting the Lord before I ever commit to anything b/c truly, we are all a PART of the Body, not the entire Body. :-)

    Great wisdom and a beautiful heart for Christ our Lord! Thank you so much for sharing!

    Bless you dear sister,

  8. Kim, you have so much wisdom and inspiration for us. I am so glad you are secure in the Lord that you are where you need to be right now. I loved what you wrote here, " I don't get the worldly recognition or outside applause but when I lay my head down at night I have peace knowing that my Savior is in heaven with a smile on His face and one day I hope to hear Him say, " Well done good and faithful servant." A hearty AMEN, my friend!

  9. Kim, I just loved this! You are doing such a great thing and help us by sharing it.

    This is something that our Pastor has talked about many a time - that our serving the Lord begins in our home with our own family first before we begin to commit to outside things.

    Thanks for a wonderful start to the week and thanks for your prayers! I'm working on a schedule for myself today.

  10. Very encouraging as always. I look up to you a lot. Thank you for being raw and real! I would LOVE to get involved more at church,but this season of life does not permit it. Sometimes I'm sadden by that,but I know that it's okay.

  11. I have learned to live by this motto as well "there is a time for ever season." Know your season and honor it.

    It was great to visit your blog. See you again soon!

  12. God is gracious and He removes us for a season, and then He says "now is the time." I, too, stepped away from outside ministry for a time when my kids were little. Then God showed me it was time to step in, and minister to the children of the people who were ministering to my children. Isn't it great that we can trust God to guide us?!

  13. Thank you for sharing with us that wonderful lesson! I'm so happy that your family made the needed adjustments and found out that it was truly the best thing to do!

  14. Oh, that sounds so peaceful, especially since I have been so very busy lately. I love that you said, even if your talents are used just for your family, they are not wasted. What an encouragement! I love you, friend!

  15. I love reading yhour blog. You really inspire me! I also wanted to let you know to stop by my blog when you have a moment~ I have something for you there! :)


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