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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday -Thanksgiving

I'm excited about this month. I love Thanksgiving. It's such a time of reflection and looking back (which I'm thinking would be a reflection right?) at all the things that you have to be Thankful for. So this weeks tackle is all about Thanksgiving.
First off my menu. I posted my Thanksgiving Menu on my Cooking Blog. Today I will start posting recipes from it to share with you and maybe convince you to try something new.

Next I would like to share some wonderful links that I have found.

Thanksgiving Holiday Planning Book -This is custom made to what you pick to put in it. With a click of a button you have a wonderful little planning EBook to help you through the holiday.

Thanksgiving Crafts and Ideas for kids- Here are some nifty projects to keep the little ones busy while you are busy in the kitchen.

Here is a nice little check list to keep you on track during the weeks before.

Do you want some silly treats to offer your friends. Click Here and Here for some fun ones to share.

Need to know how to carve a turkey? This video can show you how.

Well I hope these little finds will help you tackle your Thanksgiving with a little more ease.
Check out 5 minutes for Moms to see what everyone else is tackling today.


  1. Great ideas! I can't believe this is November. Can you?

  2. Great tackle and great menu! I posted my Thanksgiving menu yesterday:-) Isn't it fun?

  3. Thank you! I can't wait to go to all of these sites...although I can't believe that it's time for this again already. Didn't we just have the Fourth of July?

  4. Hi there!! It's so fun to see comments from someone new..lol.

    Thanks for all those links, and I will definitely look at your cooking blog! I do need new ideas!!

  5. Thanks for the links. We are doing a Thanksgiving unit study now. I'm posting aa adorable No Bake Turkey Cookies tomorrow WFMW.

  6. Thanks for all the great Thanksgiving links! I'm starting to work on the menu. :D

  7. You are so prepared! That rocks!

    Come by and see our new meme called The Daily Mercies. Please leave your comments, and join us soon.

    We'd love to share with you!

    Thanks and God bless,
    Rena (my sister @ http://insertgracehere.wordpress.com/

    and me, at the address in closing.

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. HA! I tackled Thanksgiving weeks ago when I made a hotel reservation for 5 nights and dinner reservations for the same...

  9. Oh, you put me to shame. I'm such a last-minute kinda gal. I shouldn't have looked at your menu, though, while I'm so hungry. 8-} I loooooooove roast turkey. I could eat it every day. With smashed taters and giblet gravy, of course. Mmmmmm!!!!!

  10. Wow! What a great post...so much useful info!

  11. Yeah! I love Thanksgiving tips! Your holiday menu looks so yummy...makes me hungry for turkey!

  12. I LOVE Thanksgiving. It is, hands-down, my favorite holiday of all. It saddens me, though, that it seems to be an overlooked holiday for many. I actually saw some people in my neighborhood putting up their Christmas decorations on Saturday, November 1st. Me, I don't like to focus on Christmas things until AFTER Thanksgiving.

    Are you hosting a houseful for Thanksgiving dinner? We are longing for Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Maybe one day we'll live in Florida again and be able to do that. Truly, family is a blessing, and when you don't have family close, you really realize how much they mean to you.

    Love in Christ,

  13. man, aren't you little miss organized!!!??? Makes me so jealous. I don't even know if and where our Thanksgiving will be this year. And it is just a few short weeks away!

  14. Excellent tackle, my friend! I love all those Thanksgiving links. And I am going to look at your menu now - but I need a snack first so I won't get too hungry!


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