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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I met the "I'm not a morning person club"

I just thought I'd share a funny little story with you all this morning.
Those of you that regular my blog know that I love to laugh, I love to make people laugh, and I've got quite a sense of humor. In short, I'm a people person. There is a reason I'm setting myself up. Stick with me!
Okay, most of you know I went to get blood work Monday. They open up at 7 a.m. I left so I could get there right when they opened so the wait wouldn't be long. I arrived at 6:55 and there were 4 people already waiting outside. As I was walking up the lady opened the door and in we all walked. As we were entering the elevator I realized that because I was last on I was going to be first off. So in complete jest I said, " Huh, I guess the last one on is the first one off and first in line for giving blood, Ha. Ha." (cue crickets chirping) They didn't even acknowledge my existence. So when I got off I made a point of TELLING them that I was only kidding. (In case they couldn't tell). Now I was hungry just like the rest of them and I hadn't had my coffee but come on people I'm not walking around like I'm dead. Anyway we all sign in and sit down. You know the usual, I don't want to sit next to anyone so let's space out with a chair in between each person thing. People are funny. So there we are in DEAD silence. Now I had brought a cookie with me to eat in the car when I got done because I knew I would be starving. Well it so happened that it was still in my pocket. So I grabbed it and flaunted it in the air and said in a very joking tone, " I'll give this cookie to whoever let's me cut in front of them, Ha. Ha." ( cue chirping crickets again, this time the frogs chimed in). Hello? Is this thing on? Are you guys even breathing. This of course is what I was thinking! These people did not think I was funny one bit and made it known by not even making eye contact with me or acknowledging my existence once again. I didn't think I looked like a crazy lady when I left the house but now I wasn't so sure. Are you bored with my story yet? Cause there's more. As time went on 3 more people had come and and the fuddy duddies had left. I was next to go in but I was also determined to get someone to talk to me that morning. A lady that was dressed very nice was sitting across from me. I looked for some way to start a conversation and so I commented on her shoes. She responded nicely and we talked for about 30 seconds. That's all I needed. I'd proven to myself that I was not a freak lol! I tell this story a whole lot better in person as I add my facial expressions and the body language. But I'm sure you got the gist of it!
Moral of this story: Don't try out your stand up comedy act on people that are coffee deprived and hungry!
Let this be a lesson to all. Learn from my mistakes people. Don't let this happen to you!
Blessings my friends.


  1. This is just so funny! I laughed all the way. I'd certainly talk to you if I was there. You are such a people person. Let's meet up someday! hehehe! GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY! P.U.S.H.

  2. I can just see those sour expressions on those poor coffee deprived people. LOL

  3. Kim,

    I'm not great in the morning but as soon as I see a smile...I can't help but smile back and I certainly couldn't have resisted someone trying to be playful!

    They must have been terribly frightened or something far worse..like mean...LOL

    so far...it's letting me comment ...hope this is working!
    hugs to you

  4. Great, great story! LOL!!! I laughed all the way through and so had a mental picture of everything happening. Love it! :) Ang

  5. I don't drink coffee, so I would have talked to you. Your story is too funny.

  6. I definitely am not a morning person, but I totally would have talked to you. In fact, I would have taken your cookie and let you go first!

  7. People are SO weird! I cannot even imagine someone not even smiling back at you! I would have. :o)

  8. Too funny.... I don't get the skipping chair thing myself. I usually go and sit right next to someone .. shrug. Thanks for the funny. I laughed right away!

  9. Well, you've accomplished making me laugh! :)

    We would have gabbed for hours...and I would have taken the cookie!

  10. Oh my gosh, that's too funny! I know what you mean though!!

    The best part was about the cookie!!!!! Hhahaa!

  11. Oh my goooooodness, that is funny! We are so much alike this way!

    I'll never forget when I was at the Women's BR__ST clinic getting my smashogram, and they had us all sitting in this small "waiting pool" room in our gowns. I made a joke that I was going to take the gown home and cut it out as a cape, wearing it around the house, since I was a superwoman to finish this painful ordeal. NO one laughed. I know it's a serious place to be, but still... later, the nurse said she overheard and laughed under her breath. She said she'd be using that joke from now on. I thought, "Well, you coulda at least laughed out loud so that I felt better about it. Then it would be a fair steal!" But now, SHE's going to share MY joke with the masses, and SHE's going to get what should've been MY laugh! What's up with that?

    Oh well, just so it gets a laugh, I guess...

    Anyway, I get it. It's so sad, but I get it. ;)

  12. Ohhh well...some people just aren't morning people! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your idea of making cards using the gift tags...we'll have to use that one!

  13. It's not you! Honestly, I think most of the people who live around here are just duds ... period. I've never been around so many unfriendly people before. Sad, isn't it?

    I will email you soon. Thanks for the note you left. My oldest is fighting a sore throat and has become helpless to do even the simplest tasks so my computer time is very limited.

  14. I'm not a morning person either, but I try to keep my grumpiness confinded to my own four walls. However, you would have broke the ice with your first comical comment and I would have chatted up a storm with you. Why? Because I live with a man who is exactly like you...people person, never meets a stranger and will talk to anyone who will talk to him or not talk to him :)

    I'm right the opposite but the other day because I made two comments to the guy who was bringing in shopping carts at Wal-Mart...he never acknowledged my existance either and looked rather ticked off that I said anything to him.

    I walked off and said "huh...somebody is in a bad mood and very unfriendly today".
    My son said "that was something Dad would have done...making comments to the cart boy...he's rubbing off on you!" Well, after 17.5 years...I guess so.

    I love your sense of humor...keep it up...the world needs more Kims and Rogers!

  15. Oh my gosh....that explains now completly this blog I was reading yesterday about a lady that was going to have some test done. I didn't know she was in Florida but listen to this. She was talking about this weird person that got on an elevator making jokes and just acting weird. Something about wearing a t-shirt and flip flops if I remember right. She said they go in, sign in and this crazy lady just won't leave her alone. She talks about trying to not make eye contact with her, but even that didn't work. And oh my gosh she says that the final straw was when this person reaches into her pocket and announces to the world that she would give a cookie to anyone that would let her cut. She says that for a moment she thought about it, not for the cookie, but just to get that lady out of there. Then she thought, if she goes first, SHE will get out of there. Oh my this is just tooooo funny. She says she nearly contact the security to keep an eye on this annoying one, but she thought, oh well. Want to read her story??? go to wwwgotyou.com and read it if you can.
    Don't give up your day job!

  16. LOL! I would not have been very awake and happy yet, but I would have at least chuckled and acknowledged your presence! :)

  17. ROTFL!! What a funny story!! I would have loved to have been there.
    We should hook up some time.. I bet we could have a great time doing some stand up Mom comedy somewhere.. like Target or Walmart while waiting in line.. LOL.

    Have a great day!

  18. Too funny! Bless your heart. That was rude of them not to talk. You are in the South, right? Perhaps it was their lack of coffee, too.

    I face the same issues in the elevator at work. Some mornings you cannot get anyone to crack a smile when you say, "Good morning!" Especially in a cheerful voice before everyone's arrived at their coffee destination, ahem, cubicle/office. You just can't get a word out of them.

    Commenting on something personal, like shoes or a cute top or something is something I will try for the next set of deadbeats, er, potential non-talkers, on the elevator in the morning, LOL!

  19. I would have gladly taken your cookie, LOL! I swear that most people don't know how to smile and have a little fun anymore. Fuddy-duddies!

  20. I'm not a huge morning person either...and I especially don't like to have my blood drawn...but I would NEVER ignore a person who was trying to be friendly. Maybe they were just TOO nervous to respond.

    Actually, your story reminds me of my husband. That is exactly how he is. At a recent craft show that he did (for our woodworking business), he said late Friday night, just before closing, all the vendors were like sticks in the mud. He tried to liven things up by cracking some jokes (like you did!) I guess those people weren't night people, like yours weren't morning people, because no one responded.

    When we go camping, my husband takes FOREVER to go to the restroom. We're looking around for him, and one of the kids will say, "Oh, he went to the restroom 15 minutes ago." Of course, we know what happened....he started up a conversation with whoever he happened to meet on the way there or in there. We often joke with him that he knows no strangers. And he has said he wants to get a T-shirt made up like that. Front: I know no strangers.
    Back: Just friends I haven't met yet.

    I'm not that way. But he certainly is..As are you. The friendly ones that try to bring us out of our shells. Of course, I always greet the cashier by name (if wearing a name tag) and ask them how they're doing. But I rarely try to liven things up as you and my husband do. The world needs people like you...so keep on being as you are...even if the "hate morning" club doesn't respond.


  21. I have to be honest...without coffee the most you probably would have gotten out of me is a grunt! I can't vocalize until at least I am working on my 2nd cup of joe. But gee whiz, ya didn't even get a grunt...that was a tough crowd!

  22. See....I would have laughed:-)

  23. If I were in the elevator or waiting room with you, I'd visit with you the entire time we were together. I might even share your cookie too. I love encouraging others to talk or smile or acknowledge my existence.



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