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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is a test....

I was just seeing if I could post something as I got an email saying that my blog was reported as a spam blog and will be deleted in 20 days if not reviewed. Can you say nightmare? Is anyone having trouble seeing or commenting on my blog? You can email me if you are.
Just pray for me and my blog lol. I wouldn't want to lose it.


  1. I see it here, Kim. Could it be an email hoax? Did you check with urban legends or something?

  2. Hi Kim, I have not received anything like that. More than likely it is just a hoax. Whatever you do, do not click on a link in that email (if it has one). They might want you to enter in your password. Be careful!!!

  3. Nope.. no problems. Hope everything is ok!

  4. Your blog looks fine to me! Hopefully that email was just spam and not real.

  5. I am able to pull up your blog and to comment. I think the situation is very bizarre. Maybe it was just a hoax.


  6. I have no trouble seeing it. Are you sure it's a legit e-mail? Sounds suspiciously like a spam kind of e-mail. You should contact blogger yourself to make sure and find out what to do.

  7. Looks great on my end. I would be freaking out to though. I certainly don't blame you. Hope it's just a hoax. People can be mean and rotten, huh? It's like, find something GOOD to do with your computer skills! I better stop or this comment will turn into a post. :) Ang

  8. That is terrible!! I have seen some really terrible blogs and sister this aint' one of them!! I haven't had any problems so far!!

  9. I see you!

    What a nightmare. I had to close a yahoo account a couple of years ago because I sent p*o*r*n* to my family at 4:00 one morning. Yeah, right. That was me. Talk about the flood of emails that were, um, UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN, I tell you! I hope you don't start getting spam and I hope your problem gets resolved soon...Backup ASAP.

  10. There was a blogger that had terrible problems with this. She had blogger also but if I remember right, they said her blog was a spam blog and totally locked her out of it and she couldn't post until they reviewed it. It took weeks and she finally gave up on them and moved to wordpress - I think.

    I hope nothing happens to your blog and it was just a hoax. Keep us posted if you hear anything else...


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