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Monday, December 8, 2008

Are you ready? Let the games begin!

This is going to be hard for me as I want to tell you all about our gingerbread making experience but then I'm afraid I will give away hints as to who's is who's. So I'm going to have to be as vague as I can while being slightly entertaining!
What I'll do is give a recap after you all vote on your favorite house. Sound good?
I was telling my husband that if we put all of the good things about each house into one house it would make one really nice house and if you left all the bad we did it would make one really embarrassing, abandoned looking house.
I can't say much more without giving details so in no particular order here are the houses.
We decided to name them and each house gets 3 pictures each from 3 different views as to get the full effect. Oh yeah! I'm obsessed! Is there a helpline for this?
Note: There was some concern as to someones feelings getting hurt if they didn't win! Please! This is MY family we're talking about here. (I just won't tell them lol) No, really. They all know it's for fun. I'm the one you have to worry about lol. Oh and be honest. Don't vote for the first one just because you think it's mine and want to make me feel good! Is someone looking for that helpline?
Okay here we go!
1. I'm going out back! Nature's callin'!
2. Very simple very easy!

3. Can you say "OVERKILL" I know you can!
4. Would you like some house with that snow?
Okay there you have it! Oh did I mention we were a little pressed for time? LOL. Ugh! I need to stop or I'm going to start spilling things! Alright I'm done.
Have fun with this my friends.



  1. Oh no...this is so difficult! Scary...hahaha! I get to vote first hahaha! If I'm allowed not to judge just to make everyone happy, I would BUT I couldn't help it. I want to vote! hahaha!

    After the voting, please inform us who owns each one. hehehe!

    Since I like simplicity, I'd choose house # 2.

    Oh no, did I just make the wrong choice of your gingerbread house, Kim? hehehe!

  2. Very nice! Okay here are my votes:

    Best Snowman: #4
    Best Roof design: #2
    Best facing/entrance: #3
    Brilliant usage of pretzels and gum drops: #1

    They are all wonderful!
    (#2 is my overall favorite...but don't tell!)

  3. My kids have asked me everyday for a week now, "when we doing our houses" Well, im hoping to do it this weekend :) pray for me :)

  4. Hmm, I'm voting for #3 the overkill house. Why, it looks delicious! I want to eat all that candy and frosting.

  5. I am TOTALLY impressed with them all. They look like the houses you would buy at a store. Ours looked nothing like that last year. You have inspired me to try a little harder this year. We'll see.
    I love that you all did them together. You know how hard it is for me to choose just one, but I think #2 is my favorite overall.

  6. I like #3 the best because it is the gaudiest! LOL, isn't that what gingerbread houses are all about? Tasty bling?! But special creativity merit goes to #1 because I have never, ever seen a gingerbread outhouse, ROFL!

    Great job - all of them!

  7. They are all great - you made this very hard!!

    Here are the things I like about each:

    #1 - the name and concept and smallness - cute!

    #2 - Love the side view - the roof is wonderful and the windows with shutters.

    #3 - Wonderful hearts on the roof and liberal use of peppermints.

    #4 - Love the snow and the snowman.

    OK - for me it was almost a tie between 2 and 4 - I really love the side of #2, but having grown up in snow - I keep getting drawn back to #4, so #4 gets my vote for authentic snow, snowman, very cute front view, and even the icycles hanging down from the roof!

    I hope you'll still be my friend even if I got it "wrong" - LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing all the fun with us! I can't wait to hear which one belongs to which and the stories that go along with it.

    Have a wonderful Monday, my friend!

  8. Oh my... that is totally an outhouse!! I LOVE IT!!

  9. Oh my gosh, they are all so cute!!!!!!!!! It makes me want to go out and buy a gingerbread kit!!!!

    Okay..my vote (although I do love all of them) is #2!! I love the roof!

  10. I love number 4

    they all look great.

    Have a great Holiday Season

    In HIS Keeping,

  11. I vote for #1, coz I love outhouses. Though it looks like the half & half has been eating the ingredients and gained an extra half, making the house bulge at the seams, lol! (Besides, I'm pretty sure mine would look like that, should I be foolhardy enough to attempt such a crafty undertaking). 8-}

  12. I really did not expect this to be so difficult. When I read yesterday that you were going to do this, I thought oh this will be easy! NOT!

    I am so impressed with them all and since I can only vote for one, I am going for no.3, it just captured my "heart"! This is just no fair, it is way too hard, too much stress...I do not want to be a judge any more. I QUIT!

  13. Oh, my! They are all great, but, let's see.

    #1...Love the outhouse! Hysterical!

    #2...Beautiful...period...roof is amazing.

    #3...The "Love" shack...impressive and probably has a cozy fireplace inside with a jacuzzi too, huh?

    #4...Amazing...love the snow and snowman

    If I had to just pick one for fun...I'd go for the "Love" shack...looks romantic :-0

    P.S. Kim...stop by my "place"...I've got an award for you there.

  14. Kimmy,

    Oh my stars......what can I say about all of these houses that hasn't been said? They are amazing! My vote is for #3...I love hearts! No overkill going on as far as I can tell.

    Happy Monday, my friend.

  15. I like them all but I have to go with #4....I love the snowman.
    Great job everyone!

  16. ARGH! I love them all. I think it's a tie between 2 and 4.

    Stop by my blog when you have some time - I have an award for you, my friend.

  17. I like number 3. I am all about over the top:-)

  18. First of all, you say you have seasonal OCD. Well with as upset as I got because Blogger blended my paragraphs together, I guess I have some sort of OCD as well. I guess it's English OCD, huh?

    And my vote is for house #3. But they're all great!! Did you get bellyaches while you were making them? Or don't you eat the icing and candy while you work? I always did...that's probably one reasons I don't make gingerbread houses anymore.


  19. They all look great in their own little way.. sorry can't pick just one! You all did a GREAT job!

  20. I "heart" hearts! Overall though, they are all great and unique in their own ways. The portapottie is very unique, the others are just right, the heart one my fave!!! and the last one not quite finished but nice and simple.

    HEARTS win!!!! I love sparkles, glitz and hearts more than anything!

  21. my mouth is watering.... hmm... yummy....


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