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--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, December 22, 2008

Festival of Lights

My family and I love looking at Christmas lights. We drive around the neighborhoods known for their wonderful displays, but one street inparticular stands out. It's a dead end street and the whole street decorates their houses in spectacular lights. We used to just drive through but the last two years we've walked through and it is just so neat. I've taken a few pictures (which don't do the houses justice) but I hope you enjoy them any way!
Weren't those beautiful? Here are the kidlins' standing under the lighted walk way!
My daughter and I wore matching blinking socks. Hey safety first! It was dark out!
Here is our house finally. Can't believe it took this long to take a picture lol.

Okay and before we move on let me just say that this next picture is in no way meant to hurt any ones feelings but I just think that at some point you need to say,
"No to the glow"

I hope you enjoyed this little festival of lights!
I may not be posting again before Christmas so if not I hope you have a most excellent one!


  1. Very pretty!

    With no sidewalks here (since we're not in a neighborhood setting) we have to take a drive to enjoy lights. I am not sure how many houses near us have even decorated this year. I guess we'll find out soon. We need to go either tonight or tomorrow night for a quick spin to see.

    Sending wishes to you and your family for a very Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the lovely lights! We have yet to go out and do that - maybe tonight.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend! I hope it is a joyful one for you and your family.

    Christmas hugs!! :)

  3. How fun. Wish we lived near that neighborhood..

    The 23rd (tonight) is always our night to go looking at Christmas lights. We too have a lot of fun just driving around and looking at them.

    Thanks for sharing your finds.. love the socks too :-)

  4. Just gorgeous! Have a really Merry Christmas:-)

  5. wow! those are incredible. really beautiful!!!

  6. Thanks Kim for sharing and Merry Christmas!

  7. Thanks for showing the pics Kim! It is a tradition for us to go around looking at lights. We found some prety cool ones.

    Love the socks. I'm going to have to try to find some next year for the grand kids and I. ;)


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