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Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday- Christmas Cookie Edition

I thought I would dedicate this edition of Menu Plan Monday to Christmas Cookies.
Yes, it's cookies for dinner kids! Woo! Hoo! Yeah right!

Monday- Snowballs
Tuesday- Chocolate Espresso Crinkles
Wednesday- Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
Thursday-Chocolate Oatmeal Bars (these are from a friends site, they just sounded so good I'm going to have to try them.)
Friday- Lighter Snickerdoodles ( I made these last year and they were delicious!)

Our Christmas party is this Friday. This is when we get to bless our friends with a relaxing time of fellowship. Some good friends of ours will be leading us in some Christmas Carols. He was our former worship leader at our old church. We just love them. Of course there will be games and lots and lots of food. I'll be blogging about our party next Saturday. Something goofy always happens so be looking for that.

I want to also say that I appreciate those of you who are in prayer for us. I brag about you women all the time and how wonderful you are. I wish I had more time to visit with you each day! Know that I love you all.

Big Beachside Hugs!!!!

OH don't forget to go to I'm an Organizing Junkie for more Menu Planning ideas.


  1. What a fun idea...a cookie a day. I might have to join you on that this week. Have a great party!

  2. Snowballs sound interesting. You will have to let me know what's in them.

    Today and tomorrow will find my daughter and me frantically baking. We have a post-surgery appointment and chiropractor appointments, and a trip to the library scheduled for Wednesday. So, we are going to be giving them their goodie trays this week. We're making peanut butter fudge (which recipe I got from Homespun Simplicity), peanut butter cup cookies, butter cookies, gingerbread men, Russian teacakes, walnut thumbprints, shortbread, peanut clusters, peppermint crunch, and I can't remember what else. We will be very busy the next 2 days....but it is SO horribly cold and windy outside that having the oven on all day will be a good thing. It will make the house nice and warm!!

    Sure wish I was coming to the party. Maybe one of these years!!

    Blessings on your day,

  3. Wow, I bet this is going to be a great party. I am looking forward to your cookies a day this week. Sounds like a lot of fun. You are in my heart!

  4. Oh, how fun and yummy! I wish we lived closer.

  5. Oh those cookies sound so good - especially since I am doing a no-carb, no-sugar thing for one more week - LOL! But, I will definitely be enjoying goodies during Christmas week!

    Still praying for you my friend, but glad to see your happy mood. How fun your party sounds - maybe you could pretend I'm there! You could say, "Oh, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Lisa, but she must have just stepped out of the room." - and keep doing that all night. Plus you could set aside a special plate of food for me that nobody could touch and keep taking pieces of cookies away, so it would look I had been eating - LOL!! Oh the fun 2 goofy people like us could have!! :)

    A giant hug from me and have a blessed day!

  6. Yummy! Are you going to post recipes??

  7. This season is torture for me, coz I absolutely can NOT do all that fat without a trip to the ER... or at the very least a night of agony. *sniff* But they do look yummy!

    Glad to see your mood has improved. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  8. I hope you like the oatmeal bars. They went fast here!


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