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Friday, December 26, 2008

New Years Resolutions!

We all say them but hardly keep them and by golly this year is going to be no different!!!
But this time I'm blogging about them so maybe that will help hold me accountable to them. Anybody else want to join me?
Here's my list!
1. Try not to use so many exclamation marks in my posts!
2. Lose about 10lbs. ( We all have these kind of goals don't we?)*sigh*
3. Keep a more tidy house.
4. Focus more on the homeschooling.
5. Focus less on blogging. (yeah right!)(don't worry my faithful followers, I can already tell you that this ain't going to happen.) Maybe it should say blog about more focused, mind blowing subjects. NAH! LOL! Okay moving on!
6. De-clutter my house. Yes my friends, I'm gonna have me a purgefest! I'm going to have Tackle it Tuesdays till next Christmas!
7. Stop eating miniature peanut butter cups. Just because their small doesn't mean I can eat 8 at a time.
8. Go to the gym at least 4 times a week and actually work out and not just talk. Ha! Ha! That has happened before.
9. Lean more on Jesus. ( I had to throw in a serious one)
10. Organize, organize, organize, organize....say it with me....organize, organize!!!! Is anyone else having this problem? I am ready to get my house back in order. The tree is already down and the cluster of ornaments placed neatly in their little bins until next year!

Well that's my list for now. I'm sure I'll think of a few more before the end of the year but these are a few of the big ones.
Let me know what your resolutions are. Post about them. It's so freeing! Ha! Ha!



  1. You are the second person I have seen that has their tree down already! Wow! Mine stays up until at least New Year's. Maybe I am behind the times:-(

    I can't wait for more Tackle it Tuesdays! It has really helped me keep in line with my housework:-)

  2. Hee hee, I love this post Kim. I have to say, I'm right there with you. I have a lot more than 10 lbs to lose though. :( Your organize, organize...oh yeah, my hubby will agree with that one. And definitely declutter. Hmmmm, declutter Thurs. might work here. Thanks for the thought. Ha ha.
    So I guess we can all try to hold one another accountable huh? Sounds like a plan! Oops, those darned exclamation marks. Think it's possible to stop expressing ourselves so? ;)
    Thanks for the giggles!

  3. Best wishes for a beautiful new year.

  4. Wow, what a list. All I can think is, You go girl.
    This is a great idea, I hope to make one too.

  5. Finally, I can read your blog AGAIN. I don't know why I don't make resolutions, but just haven't in years.

    the tree is down, the decorations are put away, oh wait, that might be because the tree only got put up the day before Christmas Eve, and no decorations were brought down out of the attic. The only tree ornaments were the ones my mom had bought for me during the year to add to my Santa collection. MY resolutions??? Next year encourage (?) him to have everything down and out of the attic the weekend of Thanksgiving or he is sleeping on the couch!

  6. Wow! You have been busy. I like the new blog look! My decorations are still up and I'm okay with it. My sweet hubs asked me to leave it all up until New Year's, for the first time ever. I'm trying...but I am use to having it all put away by now.

  7. Where do you find all these lovely blog designs (or do you create them yourself?)?

    I have been working on a huge list of "goals" for the new year. I have far too many to mention them all but mostly it's things like a huge list of books I'd like to read (keeping track of the ones I do read!), some health related things, expanding the garden with 2 more beds (had hoped to do that this year) and making a separate herb garden (have to get a cut down tree chopped up and out of the way), work on my posture (since I'm short this is essential! LOL), exercise, some things to lift my spirits, plus crafting, homeschool, and spiritual goals.

    I had to laugh about you eating the 8 peanut butter cups at a time. I ate way more than my fair share of the goodies I baked this month and discovered yesterday I gained 7 pounds. ACK!!!

  8. Yippe skippy.. I can finally leave you a comment! For some reason, I could read your posts through my reader but couldn't get to your actual blog!! I Love the new header!! You have your tree down already?

  9. Kimmy,

    Hey sweetie! This is the first post I've been able to comment on...I've not been able to get to your blog and yes, it's been killin me!!!

    Love the new look my friend, just fabulous! This is a great post with lots of great resolutions...I will be glad to help you with the leaning on Jesus one...I'm gonna be leaning more too! But what's up with less peanut butter cups? lol

    I love you, my friend! When are you coming over? Hugs to you!

  10. Well, I have to comment on every resolution - LOL!
    1. Don't stop with the exclamation points - I love them, too!!!!!
    2. Multiply that by 5 for me...seriously.
    3. Capitalize this one for me!!
    4. Well, I don't homeschool (yet, ha,ha), but I would love to support my homeschooling friends more - maybe taking the kiddos for an afternoon so they can run errands, or trying to teach some sort of supplemental class that they can drop them off for.
    5. Rather than focus less on blogging, I just need to schedule the time and stick to it.
    6. Oh - yes - declutter! You can come to my house when you're done with yours - LOL!!
    7. The mini PB cups are gone here. I think they actually whisper - eat more, eat more - very dangerous little suckers.
    8. Hmmm - working out - a novel idea!
    9. Me, too!!
    10. I am a little sickened that you already have your tree down!! But that's because mine was just decorated right before Christmas! We will leave ours up until after New Year's Day. I badly need to organize!

    Love you, my friend and love the new blog look!

    New Year HUGS from me!

  11. I haven't sat down to do my list yet, but I want to. Just some things I want to try out and things I want to change or improve on.

    Love the list. Mine will probably have some of the same stuff :-)

  12. I with you. Maybe not your exact list but I have one of my own. This time next year I hope to better in every area of my life.

  13. You are funny, Kim. Well, as you said - we make New Years resolutions - but most of the time we break them. I to have goals/plans/dreams for this year...One thing is for sure - I am with you on the organizing part - organizing my time that is!

    Thanks for sharing your goals for 2009 :)

    Blessings to you and yours.

  14. I think that I counted up 22 exclamation points, hahahaha! Yep, you're trimming down! Great list - just don't look back at it 365 days from now, OK? hugs!

  15. Some great ideas! I have no goals for the year, except to read God's Word and be spontaneous on Monday's at 4:00 p.m. (I'm so not spontaneous. I have to plan for it.) :)

  16. I love the Goals and you can accomplish them! I know it...and yes we all have that weight loss one...we should start a BLOG! LOL

  17. to be honest, i'm just not a big ny resolution gal - strange uh? great list you have going there tho, kim! happy new year!

  18. Girl, I am right there with you...ready to make some changes. My word for the year is "rejuvinate."
    I will come up with my list and post it this week.


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