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Monday, December 29, 2008

Um, It's contagious! (This time it's my husband)

It's probably no secret that I love to blog. Blogging has been such a release for me. Can you imagine keeping this mind blowing stuff built up inside and keeping it all to myself? No! I must share it with the world. You all need to know just what's going through Kim's brain at any given moment. Thank you BLOGGER! Most of you have probably diagnosed yourself as blog addicts as well. If not take this test that I came up with to self diagnose this problem. If you answered yes to more than 5 you're an addict.
The good thing is is that my husband is very supportive of it. He knows that it is all done before the kids even get out of bed in the morning and unless something phenomenal happens during the day that can't wait till the next, then I am done for the day. Yes I check email and such throughout the day but it takes all of about 5 mins. here and there. (Okay why does this all of a sudden sound like a confession? I'm not catholic and I'm pretty sure none of you are priests LOL.) Back to my point. (That is if there is one.) Oh yeah my husband. He likes the fact that I've found a healthy outlet and he listens to all my stories about you gals and your hilarious comments and supportiveness in my times of crisis. He actually has a blog himself but it's geared more towards encouraging men and he only gets to write like once a month. But he enjoys reading mine as he knows he will probably get a laugh. On that note, the other night I was already tucked in bed and half asleep when my husband comes in the room and says, " I've got a blog for you tomorrow." and he proceeds to hand me the digital camera with this picture on it.Now he saw the humor in the fact that every single one of our cups and then some, were strategically placed on the counter. Noone did this on purpose it was just how we all left our cups before going to bed. There are 7 of us here and we all drink out of a different color as not to add confusion but he looked at that and thought that it is something that I would see as funny and want to put on my blog LOL. Isn't he cute?! Now I must admit that when he showed me I was half asleep and kind of thought he was losing it but I have since seen the humor in it and guess what? I'm blogging about it. I wasn't even desperate for something to blog about I just knew you all would want to know that this disease that I have is spreading like wildfire through my house. You regular readers know exactly what I'm talking about. Debra, Helpline, NOW! LOL.
Well that's it! That's my mind blowing thing for today. Now I'd go read someone else's blog with a bit more substance so your brain doesn't get all mushy from just reading mine.
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P.S. I'm going to be posting some of my future plans soon. Homeschooling, organizing,cooking, etc. Yes, posts with substance! Woo Hoo!!!


  1. It *is* contagious! LOL! Too funny about the cups. And the test. Number 9 is so my tell-tale on the addiction thing.

  2. The different colors is a good idea.. I know a family that simply uses diff cups for each person. Seeing that there is only two of us here i will have to lock that in a file for the future.

  3. Oh my goodness..I could have written this post myself!!!!! I'm sure I'm not the only one!!

    My husband has done the same thing w/ pictures, but I never put them on..LOL. I'm like, "These are all MY ideas that I put on here!" LOL

  4. I love that! What a great husband!! Now that I know all of that, I can get my day started - LOL!

  5. You are so funny...maybe because I can relate so well. I knew I was addicted before the test but it just confirmed it.


  6. LOL You are so funny! I love your new blog look! How was your Christmas?

  7. Oh the cup colors are funny! That is too cute! I also think that blogging is a great release and thanks for sharing the fact that there is a quiz out there to confirm my addiction!!! LOL..

  8. How funny that your hubby is thinking of topics for you and presented you with the picture, LOL! I know on our trips, DH will pull over and ask if I want to take a picture of something. I quickly evaluate and then decide whether it is "blog-worthy" or not (I coined this term, LOL!) Yes, my little wheels are turning all the time, trying to figure out what to add next or carve out enough time to write something up for my blog. hahaha!!!!!!

    I'm glad that you have found this as an outlet to let all those random thoughts get out of your noggin! And I'm absolutely DELIGHTED to have you as a blogging buddy!

  9. LOL!! I think I would have to check my huuby for a fever if he handed me a camera and said that to me!! That is so great that he is supportive! I am just happy my hubby reads mine. (I think it is just to make sure I am not revealing too much about him! :o)

  10. LOL! My DH always says " are you going to blog about this too?"..

    He's a big support too. He knows I enjoy doing it and have actually used it to earn a little $$.. that he likes too. LOL

  11. What a nice supportive husband you have:-)

  12. Kimmy,

    I just love ya! Oh my stars that is too funny! Jay always asks me about you guys now when he comes in the room and I'm typing. lol

    I just posted about our days on the lake and the first thing Jay asked me was "Are you going to tell Kimmy that she needs to get over here?" lol

    So when are you coming? lol Seriously, if I get you the helpline # will you scoot on over? lol

    How many lol's did I just type? lol Oh my stars, I'm out of control!! lol

    I have to stop......see what happens when I haven't blogged for days!!

    Hugs to you, my sweet friend!


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