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Monday, December 1, 2008

What Happens When Your Redneck Husband Takes You on a Date!

I love my husband. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is but I believe there is a Meme out there for that already so I'll skip all the goo goo gaa gaa! What he is though, is a redneck of sorts. I call him a polished redneck.
This past Saturday he initiated a nice date with me. He took me to Longhorn Steak House for my every so often Fillet Mignon! It's the only place I'll get it. It's fabulous and doesn't break the bank when you do their lunch. So we had a wonderful lunch and then we walked through World Market looking for some tea that Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolate had. But alas their fall teas were gone and replaced by the Holiday tea blends. Oops, sorry, rabbit trail.
This is were the redneck part comes in. How does a redneck end a date?
You take your wife to the gun range to shoot off a box of ammo or course, lol! I haven't been in a long time and I guess he doesn't want me getting rusty lol.
When we arrived there was only one other person shooting and it's a little nerve racking when you don't know when they are going to shoot and you practically jump out of your skin. But after awhile you get used to it? Whatever, anyway the gun that the one guy was shooting was pretty loud but have mercy when my husband shot our .357 I was like "dang" cause it was REALLY loud. Anyway I won't bore you with any more detail but we did get a little video for you to watch. Don't laugh at me! Well okay you can laugh a little! Oh and speaking on my behalf, the reason most of my shots were low was because I was afraid of hitting that pvc pipe holding the target! We would have to pay for it if we did so I was trying really hard to stay away from it LOL! That's my story and I'm sticking to it! The guy next to us wasn't so worried about it as he hit his on his first shot!Ha! ha!

Anyone else married to a redneck? Ha! Ha!
Oh speaking of rednecks wait till you read my joke for Friday Funnies! It's a hoot!( I know I know shameless plug for my Meme!)
Hugs my friends!


  1. Kim,

    Jay and I just watched your video...yes, they will get along marvelously!!!!lol

    Happy Monday to you! Hugs, sweet friend!

  2. That could be the best stress reliever ever. What fun.

  3. lol, that is sooooo funny! My hubby used to take me shooting on dates and stuff. We haven't been in awhile, though. He's not a redneck, just a cheapskate Texan. I could go on and on about the cheap, creative dates Brian has taken me on. Maybe I"ll write a post about it one day.

    This is funny! AND that is some great steak, girl. You come to TExas, though, and I'll treat you to a place to get a killer filet mignon, okay? Deal?

  4. Oh my...brings back memories of 21 years of shooting my duty weapon. I carried a .357 for over half of those years, and I actually shot high 80's low 90's. THEN I switched to my 9mm Glock...oh I was terrible. Only shot in the
    70's then. but what I thought was the funniest part of your video was the last shot when the gun was empty, watch how you pull the gun "down". THAT is why you shoot low, you pull down. AND you cheat....you pull the hammer back before firing...you need to pull the trigger and let the hammer come back, single action rather than double action. Oh can I come down and go shoot with you? You are so cute when you shoot..I LOVED IT! You little redneck wifey you!

  5. Dh took the kids out Saturday to the outdoor shooting range. He wants me to go out, but it will have to be warmer for me. LOL! :D WTG on shooting!! :D

  6. Oh that makes me laugh! I love that he took you shooting. I have always wanted to try that..but do you suppose that preppy's could be rednecks too? I don't think either one of us would know where to begin!!! I'm glad you had a great date! Sounds fun!

  7. I married a redneck but my brother is the worst!! He and his wife went to a NASCAR race on their honeymoon!!

  8. That is hysterical! I think most of us southerns have...been there and done that. I was taken coon hunting by my 1st husband one night for a date! Gee...wonder what happened to our marriage :-)

    I love the video too...it is great!

  9. Looks like a fun date! Bonus points to you both!

    Married to a polished redneck here, too. Although I have never had the privelege of going to the shooting range with him, I have been the proud recipient of numerous nights at the cow pasture looking at stars. That was not me who yelled, "What in the world?!" when a cow walked right up to me in the dark while I was sitting in a lawn chair trying to act all cool and un-afraid.

  10. How fun and what a great wife you are!
    -sandy toes

  11. Sounds like the perfect date to me! LOL!

  12. I think that was a great date! So sorry they didn't have the tea anymore. My hubby wants to get a gun very soon and I would actually like to go to the shooting range with him.

    I liked your video - guess I played it a little loud - my son was concerned and the dog came running out and started barking at the front door - LOL!!

  13. How fun is that!
    My DH would probably qualify as a redneck- though he would NEVER admit it. LOL.
    Sounds like he ended your date with a 'bang'... lol.. sorry couldn't help it..

  14. You go girl! I am sure I will be there soon as my father-in-law spends most weekends at either a gun show or the gun range.
    By the way, I love your Christmas look!

  15. Lol...my husband is the one married to a redneck. ;o)

  16. WHAT IS A MEME???? I have been trying to find out, What is a Meme!


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