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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday-The PURGE week 1

Well last weeks tackle was the beginning of what I affectionately call the New Years Purgefest!
So here is what we have purged so far. And we aren't even done yet. My husband still has his workshop purge to do and I have about 2 closets and 2 more rooms to do but here is what we've purged so far.
This is mainly a toy purge. Though I did manage to part with some sweaters that I haven't worn in FLORIDA since the 80's LOL.

This was the garage and craft stuff purge. There are blankets in the green bin. The way I see it is, if they've been in a bin for over a year we obviously don't need them, since we live in FLORIDA, where we almost had to turn the air on yesterday!
This is just a closer and more intimate look at our JUNK! Because I know you want to see it! LOL. My daughter actually purged her dresser and came out with a garbage bag full of clothes. Sweet huh? Wait that means she will probably need more clothes! Ugh! When do they stop growing? Hee! Hee!
This is an after picture of my crafty area in the garage. You will have to get a mental before picture as I had temporary memory loss and completely forgot to take a before picture. I know I know. Just picture a bunch of junk piled up in front of the workbench and stuff piled all on top of it so I couldn't even see it. Oh, I know just mentally throw all the stuff in the above pictures in front of this, add a kids John Deere rider, a wagon, and 2 bikes and you will have the before picture!Anyone else purging their stuff? I wanna see!
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  1. Great job!! I need to purge lots of stuff as well!

  2. Excellent job! It feels so good to get rid of stuff, doesn't it? We really need to do that right now. We are planning on doing the garage (what a mess) on Saturday, I think. Hubby keeps saying - let me thread this needle - when he pulls my car into the garage, LOL! Then we try not to knock over the stacks as we head in the house.

  3. Looks nice! Now this would last about 2 days in our workshop and screened in back porch and then the junk would start piling again. How do we keep the junk from piling???? It's a mystery to me.

  4. Wonderful job. I too am purging from my home. DH just took a new job and we will be joining him after the school year. I do not want to move all the unwanted, unneed clutter in our lives. New move, new life, new habits. I've hauled off seven loads in my suburban so far. I think I still have about two more to go. Keep up the good work!

  5. We have been purging at our home also and it feels so good! I should have taken pics. We also live in FL and alas, we have our a/c on...looking forward to some cooler weather later this week!

  6. we have been purging as well. No pics yet but I should start documenting it!

  7. Purgefest? Too funny! Awesome tackle, Kim! Nicely done.

  8. The shot of your "after" picture is a thing of beauty! Happy purging party! high-five!!!!!!

  9. Sure glad it was you and not me. It looks like to much work after the holidays. ; )
    I'll be doing something close to that for taxes. We have a business so there is a little extra work.

  10. You have been busy, good work :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Rachel xxx


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