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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Show and Tell Saturday- Favorite Shoes

Brenda over at The Ties That Bind Us picked this weeks theme of favorite shoes.
This was an easy one for me. Living within walking distance to the beach makes this choice a no brainer. My favorite shoes would be my flip flops. I really don't even have a lot of shoes. If I can get away with wearing my flip flops with a dress (which I've been known to do) I will. That's one of the benefits of living over here as well. It's pretty laid back. I know for a lot of women shoes are a big thing and my sad collection of shoes would make you laugh. Let me ask you this. Did anyone elses feet grow after each pregnancy besides mine? I started out a size 9 and now I'm a size 10 1/2. Let me just tell you now, shoes stop getting cute at size 10. I think that's why my shoe collection is pretty non existent. LOL. But that's besides the point. I know you are on the edge of your seat wanting to see my favorite shoes so here you go. My flip flops and all their wonder!
I buy all my flip flops at Sam's Club. They have the best and at a great price.
Do your shoes have a story? If so, go post about it and come back here and link to Mr. Linky below. If you are participating and would like to suggest next weeks theme just let me know your idea!
Have a Happy Valentines Day my friends.
I am surprising my family tonight with a nice dinner. I'll be posting about it probably Monday.


  1. O, I love me some flip flops...I would have to say in the summer those are my favorite too...but in the winter, I gotta keep my toes warm up here in the North. :(
    Cute flops...who knew Sams club had such cute shoes? I never go there...guess I better get out more often.

  2. I love your flip flops and thanks for the Sam's Club tip for cute ones. I posted my favorite ones from the different seasons and my most comfortable ones.

    I wished I lived in Florida and could walk to the beach :-( The beach is my favorite place to be.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Being the shoe crazy woman that I am all my shoes have a story...but I still prefer no shoes at all.

  4. I love flip flops too! It's pretty funny how Floridians wear flops with anything. My husband from TN. has never understood this and often pokes fun at me (born and raised in FL).

  5. Those are great for you:-) I can't seem to do the flip flops. They just kill my feet but my oldest lives in them:-)

  6. Kimmy,

    Gotta love those flip flops, my friend! It's almost like a prerequisite for living in Florida! lol

    Lovin ya so much! Hugs to you!




  8. I love my flip flops, too...Target!
    But, as of late, the ones I own which don't have much cushion on the bottom, hurt the bottom of my feet. :(
    Also, being a runner, they are the worst shoe for a runner to wear due to no ankle support. So I don't wear them as often as I once did.
    Yours are c.u.t.e. Kim! They look way more comfortable then mine. :)

  9. Actually,Kim, my feet grew later in life as well. I have heard that is because of going barefoot so much. Because the foot is not tightly bound in a shoe, but is either barefoot or in flip flops, the foot can expand. Not sure if that is true, but it sure makes sense. My feet grew longer during my Florida years, when I LIVED in flip-flop type shoes.

    I'm not really a shoe person. I far prefer to run around the house barefoot (definitely with socks in the winter). Of course, when I go out, I wear shoes.

    Have a lovely day, dear friend. Happy Valentine's day.


  10. Flip flops are great - my uniform shoes while in Mozambique!

  11. Love the flip flops Kim! I would wear them all year if I could wrangle them on with socks!! LOL!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  12. Cute flip flops! :D I used to have some cute sandals that I wore all the time, but they wore out and I can't find one just like them. :(

    My feet grew 1/2 a size after my daughter was born, too. :D I was a 6-1/2 and now a 7.

    Have a great Valentine's Day!

  13. Right now I love my boots. They're Ariat Womens Fatbaby Saddle Brights in black and caribbean blue. Check out my link to read about them.

  14. Yep, I am a flip-flop girl, too!

  15. Flip flops huh? Well I guess mine is house shoes because that mean I don't have to get dressed and get out of the house!!! AND they keep my feet warm.


  16. Yes, my feet grew with each pregnancy. Very annoying. I used to have cute little feet. Now it's a bummer, lol!

  17. Hey, Kim...you have an award waiting for you, so come on by to pick it up.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I knew it! I think I have 2 pairs of 'real' shoes, but they're under the bed covered in about 2 years' worth of dust. I bought my last few pairs of FF's from $ General for a buck a pair. Of course, I'd much rather be barefoot. My Daytona friend is such a shoe freak, we call her Imelda. Every time she calls me now, she says, 'I just wanted to tell you about my new pair of shoes' and just laaaaaaaaaughs.

    Hope your V-day was sweet and tasty. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  19. Oh, I am so glad to be getting back in the loop! I love flip flops too!
    I am going to go back and read all your homeschooling stuff...please don't take it down! Or the homeschool resources!
    Waht a blessing you are to me!

  20. Im with you on the sandels thing... if I could wear them all year round I would! (not gonna happen in MN)

    And yes, my feet grew with all my babies... and I am at a 10! NO more cute ones! :)

    Have a blessed day!

  21. Thanks for the Sam's Club tip for cute shoes. I love finding a great buy on their clothing, but never looked at their shoes. I, like you, have non-petite feet. I wore a 10 for years, then recently went down to a 9 1/2. I usually get wides as the regulars are too tight. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable pair of shoes. Well, wait... I can think of a few things, but won't mention them here. ha ha....

  22. Your flip flops are cute! I do like flip flops, but am having foot troubles, so can only wear shoes with support/cushion until all is healed up. I wear flip flops out and about for short time periods when the weather is warm.

    My current fave is a silver pair of croc-like shoes with some sparkles - I wear them ALL the time at home and then my feet don't hurt. I do change into other shoes when I leave though.

    Seems like I used to have a lot more cute shoes - guess I need to go shopping - LOL!


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