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Thursday, February 26, 2009

What? I don't have a problem!

As homeschoolers we love our local library. With that said, my daughter needed some books, so the other day we went. While she searched and gathered for her books, I decided to just peruse the aisles as if shopping at a grocery store. There are just thousands and thousands of books. One can almost get overwhelmed with what to look at first. I strolled by some biographies.....hmm....Shakespeare, Nah! Oh, maybe a book on Italy.....Nah! Let's see, romance novel? I don't think so! Oooo craft books usually draw me in and I'll stand there for 10 mins. trying to figure out what new hobby I DON'T want to start. So up one aisle and down the other I went, head tilted just so, as to read the titles and get a neck cramp. Then like a light shining down from heaven, there it was. If it could have waved it's little book cover flap at me it would have I know it. I picked it up and opened it and it had me from the first page.(Actually it had me from the title) " Oh I'm so taking this home." I thought. My thirst for more was on. What would jump out at me next? It didn't take long before I found my next indulgence, I mean book. There it was sitting right between a book about corn and a book about herbs. (I think it was in the wrong spot!) All I had to do is open it to the second page and see the Table of Contents and I knew that this book was coming home with me to. So out of thousands and thousands of books in the library, I came home with these two.

Are you laughing? You should be! Yup! That's the mood I was in I guess. I'm not even PMSing LOL. I started reading the I Love Coffee book last night and I know that by the end of it I am going to want to open my own Starbucks!! I am going to be making some killer coffee!! She tells all about the beans and how to brew properly and all sorts of fun stuff. Oh and there are a TON of recipes in the back. I can't wait to try some. And then the Heavenly Chocolate book, what do I have to say about that? The recipes in it look heavenly! I am going to try some out really soon. I might have to buy these two books. I'm going to look on Amazon as soon as I hit publish! LOL.
Well there you have it! You may not leave here feeling smarter but I hope you always leave with a smile! Hee! Hee!
Blessings to you all! Have a great day!

Don't forget about Friday Funnies tomorrow! After a long week, laughter is good medicine!!


  1. Kim, you do make me laugh! From one Coffee-Chocolate lover to another...GREAT PIC!LOL! Why do I have an idea what book we are going to see on Sat??LOL!
    Have a great day..
    ><>Blessing to You~Melissa

  2. I see a theme going on! LOL. And I'm coming to your house for some goodies!

    In return, you guys can be stowaways on our next traveling adventure! Deal?

  3. Oh my.... LOL Chocolate and coffee. Now those are some that I might actually finish. (I love to read, but never finish any books) Great selection my friend...see you tomorrow for some laughs:)

  4. Well, thanks a lot, Kim! That's 2 more for my arm-length library list this week. LOL! I don't do coffee, but DS would love that one.

    Speaking of chocolate... I keep meaning to ask (maybe I shouldn't?) what happened to your weight loss widget? I need inspiration. 8-}

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. I think you should be serving coffee and chocolate to every one that stops by your blog today. I'll take a mocha cappaccino please!

  6. Girl, you make me laugh! I have the visual in my mind right now of you going up and down the aisles :-)

    I guess that I am the odd one here...I don't like coffee and I don't eat much chocolate either. I am a cold drink lady with salty snacks.

    But, I still can see you now in the library...drooling!


  7. Yummy! That is right up my alley! Great choices!

  8. Um, you have extremely good taste my friend!! I would have taken those books home too - you know it!

    I'll be expecting a chocolate concoction to be linked up on a future Friday! And I agree with Kristi above - where is the chocolate and coffee you're supposed to give me, I mean us? LOL!! :)

    Highly caffeinated HUGS to you!!

  9. That is the coffee book I got for christmas and then did a post after I made one!! I LOVE IT!!!!


  10. Saw a saying on a plaque today that said:

    "If I had enough coffee, I could rule the world!"

    Chocolate would work just as well!

    Thanks for the laughs...

  11. Those are always the books I walk out with:-)

  12. Both of those books look yummy!

    My DH and I thought about opening a coffee shop at one time. We never did take the leap.

    I bet you'd make some great coffee!!

  13. I wish I could think of the title of the chocolate book I checked out last fall. I was in chocolate heaven the whole way through. I do remember it's a newer book in the library system.

    I spend way too much time perusing the library shelves and the online card catalog. I have a list of things I want to check out that's so long I couldn't possibly work my way through it in the next 3 years, yet I keep adding to it. LOL


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