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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Have I ever told you......

....that I love to draw? Yeah it's something about me that you probably never knew. The sad part is I haven't had an opportunity to do it in years. Because when I get the urge, I can sit for a couple hours working on something and being a Mom I'd love to know just where those 2 hours would come from! LOL. I can hear it now, "Uh, dinner's going to be a little late. Mommy's drawing!"
I did it a lot back before I had the boys and my daughter was still in public school. I drew a lot of Disney things for her wall and what ever I saw that I liked. I'm a visual drawer. I can look at just about anything and draw it. So if you'd like to take a glimpse of some of my past work, here it is. I was only armed with colored pencils at the time so my shading and blending was a bit limited.

This one is my daughters current favorite. I was inspired by a long narrow plaque on my Mom's wall at our house years ago and I just kind of created my own scene from it. This one is over 13 years old.

I drew a bouquet of flowers that my husband had bought me that was so perfect, I wanted to capture it. I'm now thinking a camera would have been a lot easier. LOL.

This one was from a David Miller painting that we actually still have hanging on our wall.
I probably drew 20 Disney related ones but here is just a couple.
I don't think I ever finished this one. It's been so long I'm not sure if I meant to leave it this way or not. But I still like it!
Well there you have it. You learned a little bit more about me today.
Don't forget to come back for Friday Funnies tomorrow. The Show and Tell Saturday's theme is at the top of my blog.
Big hugs to you my friends.
Oh and thank you so much for your kind comments yesterday. I truly do have the best blog friends ever!


  1. Kimmy,

    Those pics are awesome, my friend...and so are you. Actually, today was Jay's day to go to Vero and I was going to try and go with him and see my family but he didn't need to go all the way down and then he had a 3 o'clock meeting in Winter Garden so I'm just doing laundry! lol
    What's up with that? lol

    Big hugs to you, my sweet friend.

    PS...Josh went with his friend last night to a luau at his church youth group and they had a luau..it's 20 below and they had a luau...he was cracking up over that...but said it was great and is having fun! And had lots of stories about food already! lol

  2. Very nice!! I have a knack for drawing, too, but like you, I don't have the time to nurture it. Gosh, I'm not as good as you, though! I can draw the Veggie Tales alright. I used to be able to draw Disney characters to look exactly like them, back when I was 12.
    My daughter is following in my footsteps now and I fully intend to help her nurture this talent and make it grow!
    Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!

  3. Those are fantastic!! I am in such awe of people with your talent! Excellent job:-)

  4. Wowsers!!! You are talented!! I think my best is my stick man!! Have a great weekend!!

  5. What a talented girl you are! I am very impressed. The Disney ones look totally authentic! Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are amazingly talented!!! wow i don't have an artistic bone in my body!! those are beautiful

  7. You are so talented! I can't draw worth a flip. Thank goodness I can do photography!

  8. Your drawings are so good my friend - I love them!! Those Disney ones are so cute - you are able to draw the characters so well!

    I used to love to draw and paint when I was a kid. I would like to try and get that creative side back sometime, but for now my only creativity is blogging.

    I finally got my post up today and I even have a video there for your amusement!

    The next few days will be busy, but all I want to do is go and sit in the sun. Sigh. At least my son's Spring Break is coming up in a couple of weeks. I might take a week off from blogging then - wanna do a guest post for me?!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day my friend!

    Big 2-dimensional colored-pencil shaded HUGS!! :)

  9. What talent! I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I so admire people with your ability to capture beauty through drawing. My bonus daughter and Steve are excellent artists. Kristyn has done lots of work that I should post. Steve started a painting when he was in high school and his mom encouraged him to finish it a few years ago. He did and it turned out really well. I'm so glad you shared this about you. Great drawings, Kim.

  10. Those drawings are fabulous. That is one talent I sure wish I had...my girls are awesome artists...like their aunt. I hope they continue to draw and create art. You should find the time, you really are wonderful!

  11. WOw! You are definitely talented! What a blessing! :D I'm not that good with things like that. I'll stay in the kitchen. LOL! :D

  12. wow. Wow. WOW. WOWZER! I am so impressed!!!! Girl, you are FULL of talents! I can't draw worth a LICK! Even my stick figures are disfigured.

  13. Your drawings are Beautiful! You have such talent!! I also wanted to let you know I tagged you on my latest Blog Post today :D

  14. Love the pictures! Just another wonderful new thing to know about you!
    Great post!

  15. Girl...you are good! I love these drawings!

    I used to draw cartoon characters! One of these days I will get the only one that my dad framed for me out of the attic and take a picture of it to show.

    Keep drawing...has to be good therapy, stress release or something :-)


  16. Dawg! How come some people get a whole cartload of talents? I could sing till menopause ruint my voice and play an instrument or 3 till I lost my lip. (Not literally, LOL!) What's really funny... one summer I spent at USF, I had some of those DRAW ME ads and actually did some pretty decent copies, but that was my flash in the pan in that area. I can't draw a straight line now. I think it was more a cerebral than an artistic thing. (make sense?)

    Hey, I've had a kids' book idea rolling around in my head for several years now. You could do the illustrations... if I could ever organize the ideas into soemthing readable. (Don't hold your breath, lol!)

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


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