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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's what I'm going to do! Now pay attention!

If you are just joining me today you may want to read the post below to catch up.
I am going to officially participate in the Unplug thing on Friday. Just to prove it to myself that I CAN do it. For those of you who don't know what that is, visit Kimba and check it out.
So with that said, I am going to have the Friday Funnies on Saturday and have no Show and Tell. Because if I had Friday Funnies on Thursday my email would be completely filled up by the time I got to look at it on Saturday. Is any of this making any sense? It's taking some brain power to write all this and you may need some to read it. Just go slow! LOL. So do we have it?
I'm Unplugging on Friday. Friday Funnies will be on Saturday for just this once.
Show and Tell Saturday is canceled just for this Saturday and I'll be all back to normal by Monday! Okay, maybe not normal but I'll be back! Well, I'm not actually leaving I just won't be posting Friday. Oh just go back and read it again and see if it makes sense this time!!
You are probably asking yourself why you come by in the first place by now aren't you? LOL.
Just know that I love you guys and appreciate your patience with me.


  1. You were clear, Kim! Glad you're making the decision to do this for you. This is great! I am not participating only because my job requires me to be online. I'll miss Friday Funnies this week (my aunt is getting married Saturday, so I won't be participating) but I look forward to next week! Much love!

  2. Yay! I'm not alone!! I'm unplugging, too. You can do it Kim!!!
    I'm actually a little nervous about how much more I might get done, gulp.

  3. I completely understand Kim.
    I am not going to unplug friday though,not that I can't you understand ,I just really do not want to. Does that make sense?

  4. Weeelllllll... I pre-posted and scheduled it for tomorrow morning... and I'll be gone all day Saturday. If this stupid connection gives me a break, maybe I'll get in there and change it to Saturday. Otherwise, it'll just have to sit there all alone, early to the party, waiting for everyone else to arrive. 8-} Either way, I'll be slow/late/neglect - more than usual - in getting around to everyone else's funnies.

  5. Ah, phooey. I said I had scheduled my post for tomorrow morning, didn't I? All day I've been thinking it's Thursday. At the lieberry, I was surprised when they ran people out at 6... they're open till 8 Tuesday & Thursday... but I still keep wanting to believe... 8-\ Oh, well, gotta love me anyhow, right? 8->

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  6. LOL - I rubbed off on you my friend!

    But now this means that I can participate in Friday Funnies on Saturday since I won't be busy with Chocolate Friday. Oh, and I think I know just the thing, which might involve some video.

    Sorry your schedule is getting all messed up - it's really not my fault - blame Kimba. :)

    Have a lovely evening!!

  7. Good luck with the unplug:-)

  8. Makes sense to me, and since I have not been blogging every day, I have not been regular on Friday Funnies..so, if it works for you then you got it!!! =)

  9. you are so funny. I totally followed you. You are so sweet!

  10. You are so much fun Kim! I think I got it without having to go back and read it again, but maybe...should I...I might go back, naw, I'll trust you wrote it well. ;) I'll visit no matter what any how. :)

  11. So Friday Funnies....on Saturday....got it!

    You are cracking me up girlfriend!!!! I think you can see....we are with you...even if it's Friday Funnies on Tuesday.

    Love ya, my friend.

  12. Got it! See you Saturday, Kim! :D

  13. uh, won't that be more like Silly Saturday?

    I just learned about the unplugged on Thursday and already had a FF scheduled. I guess I'll let it go on.

    Good luck... even though you're not addicted or anything.


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