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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need a title that will make you want to read this!

Did that work? I had nothing! LOL. I have a few things to say and to ask. First off apparently someone had the great idea to UNPLUG this Friday. Doesn't she know that my Friday Funnies is on Friday? LOL. Anyway my question is, are any or a lot of you participating in that? If so I was going to move Friday Funnies to Saturday this week and not do Show and Tell. If you aren't then I'll keep Friday Funnies as it is. If you all are going to do it then I can prove that I can step away from my computer for one whole day too. GULP! It'll be easy. Yeah, uh, it'll be a piece of cake! PLEASE TELL ME YOU AREN'T DOING IT! But no pressure. I just wanted to make sure that we all get our laughs this week, whether it be Friday or Saturday.

On another note I need to confess that I am sadly behind on my award receiving and passing them on. Well the receiving isn't hard but the passing them on seems to take some time. I am always waiting for a day that I don't have anything to say but that doesn't seem to happen and I usually only have time for one post. Please don't think I don't appreciate them because I sincerely do! Phew! Confession is good for the soul.
This recent one is from Jensmere. It is so cute and I love it. I really kind of feel this way too! LOL. Think twice about unplugging! LOL. Shhh! Don't tell Kimba I'm routing against her! LOL.
This one is so sweet and I love it. I received this from Hon.

This award I received from my dear friend Christin and Omah. Makes me want to drink some lemon aid.
So thank you my friends for your wonderful awards. I do appreciate them. In fact I'm going to make a slide show like I've seen on other people's blogs and show them off. How's that for humble! No, I just want to make sure you know I appreciate each and every one of them.

Okay so don't forget to let me know about Friday!

Big Hugs!!


  1. Good morning Kimmy!! Well, I went and read the unplug post and loved it...however, I think you can do it on a different day for you since that conflicts with your Friday Funnies. It's really up to you...pray about it, honey. What is the Lord telling you to do? If God puts it on your heart to unplug on that specific day...unplug. I'm one that if God tells someone to do something...I'm respectful of it and I'm sure everyone else would be too.

    And love your awards, sweet one. Very nice. Very lovely...just like you!

    Big big hugs!

  2. Congrats on your awards my friend!! They are lovely and that computer one is too cute.

    You know that I am unplugging though I am not usually able to link up to the funnies. So you will need to actually eat chocolate that day instead of getting it from my blog - LOL!!

    For me, I was already planning a break next week so the unplug day just tied right in to it and I really do need to stay away from the computer that day as my Dad will be coming to visit 2-3 days after that. That means I have a lot to do! My first thought was that I couldn't do it 'cause of Chocolate Friday, but I really felt that I had to do it and needed to do it.

    But you are different my friend (in more ways than one - LOL - oh, I had to get that in!!). Your Friday Funnies keep you going. Just see what the responses are here and pray about it.

    Whoa. A helicopter just flew right over my house - kinda loud! Have they finally found me?? LOL!! :) Ok, back to commenting...

    You could always put Friday Funnies up early - tomorrow - and let people link up tomorrow and plugged-in people could still link up Friday. Then you could go visit funnies all weekend!

    Have a lovely Wednesday my friend! I still don't have a post up. I'm trying to think...and it's hurting my head - ha,ha!

    Oh no, see how sleepy I am - I almost forgot the hugs.

    Big Title-Doesn't-Grab-Me Hugs!!! LOLOL!!!

  3. You always crack me up! lol I love my stops by your place!!

  4. Well, this Friday I am going to try and unplug. I don't link up to Friday Funnies, but I do read some. I do the Show and Tell Saturdays. I think Lisa had a good idea, and you could still get your Funnies in.

  5. Oh, Unplug is good also...so, you could try it on another day if you wanted to!!!

    And congrats on the awards!!! You deserve them!

  6. I've had a lot of unplugged days lately. It's nice. : )

  7. You are too funny. Congrats on the awards...I have to do them all at once too. Works for me. I always do Friday Funnies, but I can do my Daughters opening night on this friday if you are going to unplug. Just let meknow.

  8. Congratulations on your awards:-)

  9. I must be crazy, but I'm going to give it a whirl. I'm unplugging Friday. (crying like a baby now) ha ha. Kimba gave too good of a reson for unplugging. Darn it!

  10. Congratulations! You deserve each and every one. :D


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