"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tell Me What You Think!

Okay in my Tuesday's post I confessed to not being much of a homesteader. Therefor my blog name just doesn't seem to fit. I look back at when I started my blog and I am no closer to being a "homesteader" then I was back then and I really would like a Blog Name that fits me. Here's where I need your help. First off do you think I should change it? And if so, will you help me come up with a name? I got nothin'! LOL. I just feel like this blog name is so misleading. If you were drawn to my blog because of the name in hopes of getting some advice and step by step instructions on canning or making a chicken coop. I can pretty much guarantee you won't find that on here. You see what I mean? I need something that reflects more of who I am? Need a bit more on me to help you? Okay, here it goes. I love being a homemaker! I enjoy being home with my kids (whom I homeschool), being a wife and keeping my house. I am VERY laid back. I really enjoy making people laugh. Things are just funny to me and I love to spread that around. I LOVE the Lord. He is my Savior and with out Him I am nothing. I also enjoy drawing, painting, photography, sewing, cooking, working out, planting flowers. I enjoying being a friend to those who need one. I enjoy serving from right inside my home. I'm a homebody.
Here's what I'm not! I'm not an interior designer, a gardener, a seamstress, a canner, a fashion designer, a super model, a serious person or someone who likes to volunteer for every cause that would keep me away from home.
Alright, confession is good for the soul right? Yeah, we'll see how many of you are still following me tomorrow! LOL. Just kidding. But that's who I'm asking this question to. What is it about my blog that keeps you coming back? That will help with the name change, maybe! LOL.
So do you think you can help me out here? I am probably not going to change my actual "web address" unless there is a way to transfer so everything doesn't get messed up but for now I"m just going to change the name on my header.
Are you sick of this post yet? I hope not. Tell me what you think.
I know this will probably keep you awake at night and I'm sorry! Hee! Hee! I'm thinking about giving the person that comes up with the name a little somethin', somethin'.
Okay I'm ending this very sporadic post finally!
I know not everyone visits my blog every day so I'm going to put a link to this post somewhere at the top and leave it for maybe a week or so. Depending on whether or not the perfect name pops up!
Okay I'm really really done now!


  1. Kimmy,

    I think you are a Homesteader's Heart in this century and I would leave it alone. I mean, look at my title, Clothed With Scarlet...and I'm not a good cook...see what I mean? I think it goes more to the heart of a person and you and I both know we would love to be back in the day of Little House on the Prairie with all the modern day conveniences! lol So, I would leave it just as it is. But remember, I would have left the ornaments alone too!

    This is so reminding me of a Billy Joel song ... "Don't go changing to try and please me"....ARE YOU CRACKING UP YET? Do you get that I wouldn't change anything about you...including your blog name? Good...that's what I'm trying to convey! I'd better go now...there are othe blogs out there ... lol

    Love you, my friend ... just as you are!

  2. I like Comment sig of the THE REAL ME! Thanks for for the prayers, Kim :)

  3. I don't think you need to change it. I looked up homesteader in the dictionary and here is what it says "To claim and settle (land) as a homestead." A Homestead means "A house, especially a farmhouse, with adjoining buildings and land." and homesteading "an act or instance of establishing a homestead." I think you qualify as a homesteader. You are definitely establishing your house with heart from all the wonderful things which I have seen through your posts! You have encouraged me in so many ways.

  4. I agree with Kim. The name is who we have all come to know and love you as and that is the heart of who you are. No, it doesn't look like it once did, but you define so much of what caring for "home" truly is!

  5. I think too that you do have a "homesteaders heart" in that you love and enjoy your home and family and take such wonderful care of them.

  6. I agree with Debra. IF you REALLY want to change it, you could simply change it to "Homemaker's Heart". But I kinda consider those two very similar to each other :) We all do it (Homestead/homemake), we just each do it in our own style!!

  7. I too agree with Debra...she is so wise. I love that lady. Some may visit because of the name, but we stick around because you are so genuine and fun!

  8. Don't we all really have a homesteading heart? We can't help that the Lord in His sovereignty placed us in more of an urban atmosphere-there are some who live more rurally therefore have a different beat to dance to. Since I have Noah's 1828 dictionary sitting next to me it says 1) The place of a mansion house; the inclosure or ground immediately connected with the mansion. 2) native seat, original station or place of residence
    The first is kind of a neat def. if you think how you connect yourself to "the mansion".
    But if you really feel bad-lol-then I'm expecting a post on canning with pics real soon!!:)
    Are we any help, we like you just the way you are-and the name doesn't feel fake to us:)

  9. If you really want to change it, I think Homemaker's Heart is good:-)

  10. Hmmm, how about "Home and Heart"?

    I know that I agonized over my blog name for several months before I settled on the name. There were others that I wanted, but they were already taken, LOL. But I'm happy with what I ultimately chose.

  11. I think your not getting the response that you wanted, but I have to agree with everyone that you DO have a homesteaders heart. Your blog title isn't homesteaders actions. We can't do everything that we want to do all the time. I like your title and I didn't expect to see a picture perfect canning, gardening super-homesteader when I stumbled upon you. I like what I found...YOU!

  12. I don't think you need to change it either. But if you do, I agree with Miriam above. I was thinking Homemaker's Heart also.

  13. Ah...the advantage of coming by later - everything's been said for me - LOL!

    You do whatever you like my friend - I will keep coming back whether you change the name or not, whether you try to hide from me or not - LOL!

    I like the name because it's what you're known as and I don't expect pioneer stuff when I'm here, but if you did change it, I like the suggestion of Homemaker's Heart because it's so close.

    Then again, maybe the Lord is trying to tell you to start canning...ha,ha - oh I crack myself up...but maybe He is! ;)

    Just think - Stop and Smell the Chocolates sometimes doesn't feel right. What about the days when I just want some caramel?? LOL! :)

    Love your blog my friend - we all keep coming back for YOU, not the name!

    Big Canning Wannabe HUGS to you!

  14. Regardless of what you call your blog...I will "follow" and love you! You bring so much joy to my heart and fill me with laughter. You are such a joy to visit...I will stop by no matter what the top of your blogs says :-)

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Hey girly!
    It's your blog - do whatever you want. I've changed my stuff quiet a few times.
    If you do switch blogs, blogger does have a tool where you can import one to another :-). The name and RSS changes but you can bring all your posts over.

    I love you either way :-)

  16. I don't care what you call your blog, just let us know if you rename it so we can keep stalking you. I absolutely love following your blog. It warms my heart and makes my happy inside to read your posts. I feel like I'm visiting with a long-time friend when I read your blog. Someone I'm comfortable enough with that I'd offer you a cookie in a doctor's office or chit chat in the elevator.

    Forever your stalker aka blog friend,

  17. I'm so glad I stumbled into you and your circle of friends. You all are such fun to tag along with.

    I'm also glad you decided not to change a thing. Although I only stumbled onto your site a few weeks ago, I've enjoyed the you that comes through. Like my rhyme?

    In my opinion, the whole naming the blog thing is the hardest part of blogging. And most of us did it before we even knew what direction we wanted to take. (I'm still wandering through the wilderness of the bloggy world!)

    Just my penny's worth of thoughts. :)


  18. I vote to keep it the same because it is who you are and we all love you just as you are. Your genuine love for home and all things family definitely qualify you as a homesteader. But it is your blog and you can change if you like. But please don't change YOU!

    I come back because you are funny and demonstrate a genuine love for GOD and other people.

  19. Kim:
    Don't change the name. If some pioneer woman logs on to learn how to milk her new goat, she will be surprised and find that you are a gal with a great sense of humor and that you played a practical joke on her. She will come back often and read your fun posts!
    Love ya!


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